How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship With Aging Parents

October 10, 2020



As you and your parents both get older, you may notice the dynamic of the relationship begins to shift and change. While this isn’t necessarily an alarming reality, it is one you’re going to deal with and manage.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with aging parents can be difficult. Therefore, learn ways to help you cope with and maneuver the situation so you can have a positive outcome. With a little focus and hard work on your part, you can get to a better place with them even though they’re growing old.

Listen & Have Conversations

You can maintain a healthy relationship with aging parents by listening to them and their needs. Avoid making assumptions and judgments and let them tell you how they’re feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sit down and have conversations with each other, so you’re all on the same page and can steer clear of arguing and upsetting one another.

Educate Yourself

Maintain a healthy relationship with aging parents by educating yourself about their ailments or health issues and challenges. For example, if they have hearing loss, then read more about communication tips and the dos and don’ts of communicating with a family member with hearing loss. The more you can learn and know about what they’re experiencing, the better support you’ll be able to provide your parents.

Offer Assistance

Another tip is to offer your assistance, where it’s feasible and possible. Maintain a healthy relationship with aging parents by showing that you care and want the best for them. Pitch in around the house or cook them meals once in a while to make life easier on them. They may also need you to take them to and from their doctor’s appointments. Instead of assuming what they need, ask them and then jump in and do what you can to help in areas where they struggle the most.

Have Fun Together

It’s also important that you and your parents have fun together and unleash your inner child. Find activities that create common ground between all of you and put a smile on your faces. Maintain a healthy relationship with aging parents by laughing together and having a good time. Life isn’t always about working and responsibilities, but it’s also about enjoying your days and time as a family too. Having fun together is an excellent way to grow a closer bond and relieve some of the stress you’re each feeling.

Set Boundaries & Encourage Independence

Although you want to lend a helping hand to your aging parents, you don’t want to get caught up doing all the work for them. You also need to make sure you take good care of yourself and your health and don’t over commit yourself to be doing for them all the time. Set boundaries and encourage independence so that you, too, can have your own life separate from their activities. Your goal is to have them do as much as they can on their own and step in and help when and where it’s necessary. 

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