Should You Trust The Technology Behind Modern Health?

October 12, 2020

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It can often feel like the world is moving at a million miles an hour. For many people, technological development is too much to keep up with, and it can be quite daunting when you visit a place like a hospital for the first time in a few years, only to find that everything has changed. Technology is the driving force behind much of modern medicine, but should you really trust the gadgets, gizmos, and machines used in this field? Let’s take a look at how these tools are made to give you an idea of how safe they are.

A Long History

Many of today’s medical machines are actually based on things that are much older. A hearing test, for example, has been around for hundreds of years. Of course, developments have been made that make modern tests more accurate, but the methods and general ideas are the same. People learn more about fields like this all the time, but the main purpose of building new machines for the job is often automation. Being able to remove people from the picture can make it much faster and cheaper to perform something like a hearing test, giving patients a better experience while also getting higher quality results. 

Mechanical Accuracy

While it may not seem like it, machines and the computers that control them are far more accurate than humans. This applies when talking about both thought and movement, and this can have a severe impact on the quality of treatment. For example, surgery robots are starting to be used around the world. These robots are controlled by real surgeons but are able to perform far more precise movements than a human could dream of. This sort of technology is going to be crucial when it comes to operations on very small parts of the body, but this is good, as it improves the safety of the patient at the same time.

Testing & More Testing

It takes a huge amount of effort for a medical procedure to be approved for use on the general public. Countless tests have to be performed, with companies striving to prove that they have produced the right option. Only once many trials are complete will normal people be exposed to them, and this makes them incredibly safe. In fact, you could argue that many medical machines are far safer than things like cars. While they will often be connected to sensitive parts of your body, the amount of testing they go through far outweighs the mechanical devices found in other industries.

It can be hard to trust technology, especially when it has direct access to your body. Of course, though, the medical field is all about helping people, and no doctor would put their patients at risk if they thought a machine wasn’t up to scratch. As time goes by, more and more tools are going to hit the market that bring technology closer to health, but this is only going to be a good thing.

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