The Recovery After Back Surgery

December 15, 2019

Pain is an awful thing. Without invitation, it creeps into each and every aspect of your life. As a result of pain, your mood is affected, you’re short-tempered and cranky. Not the way it should be at all.

After a visit to your spine surgeon, the recovery can be a long, frustrating process. Here are a few tips to manage the healing process and get you back on your feet as soon as possible. 

1) Adapt to a New Normal 
The reason you had surgery, to begin with, was to eliminate a problem with your back to bring you back to normal. There is no better feeling than being able to recover and live your life as it was before. 

However, after surgery, there will be many restrictions on doing normal activities such as bending and lifting, meaning it will be tough to achieve that level of normal right away. 
Use techniques and tools provided by the physician. While you recover, you’ll need to be kinder to yourself and allow the use of tools- some things can be done for yourself no problems, and others may need a little assistance. 

Getting your life back and feeling the strength come back on a daily basis is enough of a healer to help you get back to your former ways.

2) Get Ahead of The Pain

Adapting to pain is part and parcel of the recovery process before you get back to being healthy. It doesn’t have to get you down as much as it might do, though. When medication is prescribed, you are told to take it at various intervals for a reason- to keep it working before it wears out.  

When trying to get back to normal after surgery, try to keep ahead of the pain before it gets too bad. 

3) Let others help you 
During recovery, you’ll need a support network to help you to recover. This means having people around you to rely on when you need additional support.
You won’t be able to operate machinery for several weeks- so driving will be out of the question. With your medication, you may be drowsy, making it dangerous to work any machinery.

Have people there when you first get home to help with the everyday things you need. Even just having somebody there will give you the reassurance that will ease your anxiety. You’d do the same for a loved one, wouldn’t you? 

4) Don’t Allow Recovery to Get You Down
There may be times that recovery will seem hard. After surgery, you will have hopes and expectations that you’ll be back to normal right away. In reality, this won’t happen, as we are all designed in a different way. So no one person’s healing is the same as another’s.

Be patient and kind to yourself during your time of recovery and recuperation, as you’ll need to be your best for when the time comes to your full recovery. 

What tips do you have for post back surgery recovery? 

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