How We Make Bad Things 'Normal'

December 13, 2019

You will find that many people do things in their lives, that are bad for them yet they don’t even realize it. Why does this happen? Psychologists and philosophers have been trying to figure this out for centuries. Why do we do things that harm us everyday? This could be things like psychologically brow beating ourselves into having low confidence and self-esteem issues. It could be substances we take to cope with stress or issues in our lives. It might even be things like losing control of our emotions which can cause us to lose friendships. Eventually these things become normal to us and we don’t even bat an eyelid to them. Here are just a few things that we tend to normalize when we should be actively combating them.

 Fewer and fewer sleeping hours 
 Yes, the world never seems to sleep anymore, but does that mean you have to follow suit? No, you don’t have to at all and by making simple lifestyle choices you can get enough sleep. Thankfully the world has moved into a non-stop working culture or rather, a no-time-limit working culture. Although the normal working day is 9 to 5, many people will work longer than that. Many people will come into work earlier than 9. This is because the global economy is so much more interlinked than it ever was. Thus, you can work effectively at any time of the day. But this also means you will be getting fewer and fewer sleeping hours which can seriously upset your health. You must make a choice, you’re only going to work during certain hours and no matter what, you won’t take your work home with you. It's not normal to go to sleep at 1am and wake up at 7am. Just 6 hours of sleep is not enough! 

 Just a little more 
 Ever find yourself with a glass of wine or a pint of beer in the afternoon? Ask yourself how often do you drink and why? Most people say they drink to wind down from work and to help them sleep a bit better. Others say they only drink with food to enjoy their meals more. Some, however, say they drink alcohol because it makes them feel good. If you’re in this camp, chances are you’re using alcohol as a coping mechanism for something. This isn’t normal and any good alcohol addiction treatment center can help you find the reasons why you drink more than you should. It's not healthy to drink alcohol every single day, even if it's just one glass of wine. Eventually, it all adds and it will impact your liver and kidneys.

Thinking low of yourself 
 Both men and women will experience some kind of self-esteem issue at least once in their life. We often put ourselves down more than others ever do. This could be because you weren’t given a sense of encouragement when you were growing up? up. It might be because you’re shy and socially awkward. Whatever the reason is, you should speak with a psychologist to see if you can break this self-induced spell. 

 Not getting enough sleep seems to have become the norm. Even if you drink enough coffee to get you through the day, it's not healthy for your body to be running on fumes.

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