Proof That You Don't Need To Put Your Dresses Away This Winter

December 10, 2019

Nowadays, the ‘seasonal’ wardrobe is a style staple. Women across, and it can be a fantastic way to save space and appreciate the season-specific pieces you own. But, packing away your favorites for six months every year isn’t always fun and games. In fact, if you love a particular dress, going without may leave your wardrobe severely lacking, and guess what? There’s no need for it!

No one’s denying that putting away the things you aren’t going to wear in winter is an excellent way to manage your clothes, but dresses don’t always need to be a part of that. Okay, that Miami beach number might be a little chilly, but the majority of dresses are pretty seasonally adaptable once you turn your attention to this.

This is fantastic news for helping you to enjoy maximum wear, setting you up for work, play, and all those seasonal parties! All you need to do is implement the following pointers to make dresses work no matter the weather. 

Start a quest for dress jackets
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Matching coats with dresses is the main reason we don’t bother with this clothing choice in winter. There are few coats that don’t make dresses look, quite frankly, frumpy, but going without is guaranteed to see you freezing. Luckily, there is a compromise between comfort and fashion here, and it comes in the form of dress jackets. There are some incredibly stylish options on the market, tailor made for dress pairings and warmth to boot. Whether you fancy sparkles, sequins, or just a classy black number, this is the ideal way to wear dresses without shivering once.

Pair with the perfect tights
Going tightless might work during summer beach excursions with dresses in tow, but the same can’t be said for winter wearing. Instead, you’ll want to stock up on tights that hide your goose-bumped (and perhaps unshaven) legs. That means pairing dresses with thick tights in different colors. A black pair can be a winter staple for matching with any dress you own. Wooly pairs in different shades can also work well when specifically matched. If paired with these, even previously summery dresses can look seasonally-appropriate.
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Think footwear
Lastly, you’ll want to do away with the flats and sandals of those summer months for footwear that’s a little more fitting to your winter usage. Extra wide calf boots can work fantastically for this purpose, as well as offering added warmth that you’re sure to appreciate. Shorter ankle boots are also pretty stylish when paired with dresses and thick tights at the moment. Even if you’ve never tried this, don’t be afraid to play around. You may find that you’re able to settle on something of a skater girl image that turns any dress into an entirely new outfit.

So, think twice before you put your dresses into storage until next spring. You may find that, if you just put your mind to it, you can get double the use and enjoyment out of that one simple item. 

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