Not Young, But Not Beyond Helping Ourselves! The Health Concerns To Keep An Eye On In Our 30s

December 13, 2019

Our 30s is the time when we start to think we should really be healthier, not just in our daily lives from her but in our mental health, and start to plan for the future in so many different ways. A lot of people, when they turn 30, realize that they don't have youth on their side. And while this is is very subjective, while being in your 30s can result in a lot of positive things happen to us we've got to be mindful about certain health issues that can start to creep up. Partly, being in our 30s is similar to our 20s but it at this point that we really have to start thinking about things that could cause major problems later in life. What are these?

Dental Problems
Perhaps you like a sweet treat or 12, and when you go for a check-up, they tell you to keep an eye on one little part of your teeth that could cause issues further down the line. One of the big issues we all have in our thirties is our wisdom teeth. They could lay dormant for years but can start to prove annoying and extremely painful. And you going wisdom teeth extraction can obviously help, but it's important to keep a close eye on your wisdom teeth. Even if they don't hurt now, they could very well in the future. And generally speaking, our teeth and oral health are crucial. We should start flossing, and we should minimize our sugar intake. Or at the very least, have a bottle of water with us so we can rinse away any potential for erosion caused by that can of coke or piece of chocolate.

We all know we need to minimize stress but it's in our 30s when we start to feel the pressures of life. We're supposed to be an adult, and with work stress, financial responsibility, as well as parental duties we can feel that we are forever going at 100 miles an hour. Stress, over time, causes problems with our immune system which increases our risk of infection, but can also cause cardiovascular disease or issues with our digestive system. Learning to manage stress is vital, and it is about having tools at this juncture. Partly it is to do with stopping and being aware of your triggers, but it's also about having those daily practices that can minimize spikes in cortisol.

Musculoskeletal problems and general degeneration of our joints can mean that we run the risk of spaying and ankle. The best approach is to be more mindful in your exercises. Focus on the form of the movement and do something slowly and mindfully. These days, with the focus on high-intensity interval training, and marathon running, it's never been easier for people to injure themselves. But if you focus on the form, and do things slowly, you were doing it correctly corner which means you will build strength in the right way.

While we're not young in the obvious sense, we're not beyond helping ourselves either. And the standing the biggest issues in our 30s and fixing these can mean we live a long and healthy life. 

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