The Battles With Depression

December 29, 2019

Depression is still a very taboo subject. Although mental health is now spoken about more publicly than ever before, there are still the misunderstanding about it. Sometimes depression can be mistaken for attention seeking. That leads to judgement where it shouldn't be given, and a struggle to get the help that's needed. So we think it's now time to talk about it a little more. It should be a topic spoken about more so that people suffering always have someone to go to. If we can educate enough people how to help people with depression, there will be so much more empowerment for  people suffering. If you're suffering from depression right now, we want to be one of the places you can go to for help. There are so many battles you're going to go through, but not alone. So, we want to talk about some of the common battles with depression, and how you can deal with them. Keep on reading to find out more. 

Leading To Dependence 
This is definitely one of the more taboo battles that happens alongside depression. It can so easily lead sufferers to depending on alcohol or drugs. It's as though it's being used as an escape method rather than dealing with the problem at hand. It can also help people forget the pain the depression is causing. The statistics of the number of depression related drug and alcohol dependencies is growing each year. So this might be one that you can relate to. However, there are so many places that you can go for help. You can go to an outpatient drug rehab center. It means you don't have to stay at the facility and there is more freedom. This would suit you well if you just need a helping hand, and not continued support like some packages you could have. 

Shutting Down From Everyone
This is another common battle that pretty much everyone has when suffering from depression. The want to be alone at home doing nothing all of the time. Sleeping more often is also really common. It's just the need to shut down from everything, thinking it's the better option. However being alone with your thoughts rather than sharing them with friends and family will only make matters worse. Sharing it with others means you have an outlet to talk about what's going on in your mind. Having friends that allow you to socialise also gives you and outlet for forgetting everything and having fun. This alongside with working with mental health counsellors gives you the chance to turn your feelings around. 

Leading To Other Mental Health Problems
The battle with mental health usually starts with three issues. Stress, anxiety, and depression. It's so common for one main issue to lead to another, and the three link together. Hiding from the main issue usually means another will follow. So our advice is to always seek help rather than bottling it up. The sooner you get help, the sooner you feeling yourself again!

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