Hidden Beauty Of Sussex, UK

June 2, 2019

Sussex is celebrated as one of the most picturesque counties in the United Kingdom. People from far and wide often come to Sussex for a lovely and relaxing weekend break. However, there is a lot more to Sussex than you may anticipate. There are lots of hidden spots with magnificent beauty to be explored. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover everything you need to know about the best way to explore the hidden beauty of Sussex whilst on your holiday.

South Downs in Sussex is famous for being home to some of the most beautiful and unique scenery in the whole of the country. Whilst sights such as Beachy Head may be well-known, there are also many hidden spots for you to explore. After all, South Downs is literally huge. The area covers an array of coastlines, cliffs and countryside. There are lots of fascinating walking trials and such like for you to enjoy. You really can get lost in your magical surroundings.

Another place which is truly stunning and serene is Burton and Chingford Ponds. This is situated close to Petworth. It’s a unique area that consists of an old water mill that looks over a tranquil hammer pond that dates back to the 16th century. You can sit and relax and take in the magical surroundings, with a microcosm of various habitants in the one site. This includes ponds, bogs, wet and dry heath and different woodland. A lot of fishermen also enjoy this area, as it provides them with a delightful places to search for carp.

A different type of natural beauty lies within the ancient wood pasture of Ebernoe Common and Butcherlands, which is also located in Petworth. This area has a history of traditional use and is one of the most apt and stunning examples of a Low Weald woodland that was put to good use. In the past, commoners would turn out their pigs or cattle to grace. They would also browse on the acorns, beech mast, scrub and young trees. Today it is a site of search beauty. In 1980, 75 hectares of the reserve was purchased by the Sussex Wildlife Trust. This is particularly important because at the time a lot of the woodland was under the threat of being destroyed. Thankfully, it’s still here to witness in all of its splendour – with meadows, streams and ponds to enjoy.

Let’s move away from Petworth now and take a trip to Lewes, with the spectacular Malling Down. This is a wonderful chalk grassland and scrub. There is so much to marvel over here, from the butterflies to the rare types of flowers. If you can manage the climb to the top of the hills you should certainly give it a go. This is something you will want to track in your fitness apps. The view is so spectacular. You will be able to witness the expanse of the Low Weal farmland, the South Downs stretch, the wet meadows around River Ouse and the vibrant and friendly town of Lewes. There is so much to explore and enjoy at Malling Down. You really can get lost in your surroundings, especially during the summertime.

Or, why not enjoy the Old Lodge in the town of Crowborough? This isn’t an ancient building, as the name would suggest. Rather, it is open vistas of heather that is set in the Ashdown Forest. There are areas of pine woodland as well. Of course this means that you also have ample opportunity to explore the wonders of Ashdown Forest. However, the Old Lodge in particular is truly special. It’s a local nature reserve that boasts wonderful views across the forest, as well as acidic ponds and heathland.

This post would not be complete without mention Eridge Rocks, situated in Tunbridge Wells. This epitomises the term ‘hidden beauty’, as a lot of people do not realise that in the High Weald of East Sussex there are substantial cliffs tucked away. Eridge Rocks is one of these places that can be overlooked. However, it’s well worth witnessing these enormous boulders that meet anyone that approaches Eridge Rocks. These boulders are roughly ten metres in height and they have plants growing on them as well. The weathering effects on the boulders also generates a lot of attention. But, don’t stop there. If you keep walking for about 60 metres you will discover more giant bastions and shady nocks.

Located in the popular town of Hastings there is the Marline Valley. This is another hidden beauty spot that is worth considering. It is a very rich wooded valley that’s above a gill stream. It features scrub, ponds and meadows for you to get lost in. The stream is peaceful and beautiful, with water gently running over sandstone. Marline Valley is actually a Site of Special Scientific Interest, thanks to the ferns, liverworts and mosses that are found there.

Last but not least, the final place we are going to mention is The Mens, which is located in Petworth. This large wild area has an unusual name and the scenery is quite unique as well, with the Low Weald filled with ancient woodland to enjoy. In fact, the ancient nature of this place has led to its name, as The Mens comes from ‘ge-maennes’, which is the Anglo-Saxon word for common land. The atmosphere here is unlike anything else you will experience, with the oaks of different shapes and sizes, and the great towering cathedrals of beech. When you walk around this large wild area you really do feel like you are somewhere special. It’s a great experience.

All in all, Sussex is certainly one of the most beautiful places to visit, not only in the UK but in the world. There are so many natural beauty spots to enjoy. Whilst we may all be aware of the obvious choices, hopefully this post has enlightened you to some of the other options you have at your disposal from Marline Valley to Eridge Rocks, there is unique, special and spectacular scenery to be enjoyed. And, don’t forget that a self-catering cottage offers one of the best ways to take advantage of all of this.

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