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at the cabin

June 11, 2019

we moved back to the cabin today for the summer and it has been painful, hard, and difficult as it was my daddy's favorite place on earth...there are so many precious memories that surrounded us here and we find ourselves alternating between quiet laughter and tears...

and yet in our deep grief my mom and I marvel at how kind, loving and overwhelmingly compassionate people have been... from my siblings, nieces & nephews, loved ones and friends who helped make this possible by cleaning the cottage and helping carry in about a hundred tons of smartwater and Scamper & all of his items so we didn't have to, to meals bought and gas put in cars, to some of my treatment costs being covered, to moving beds and furniture, to calls & loving text messages of prayers (especially for night when I am having trouble sleeping due to nightmares and my mom due to knee pain) to prayers that are literally our lifeline in our grief, and neighbors mowing the lawn (and working on a broken sink), to loving friends who took off from work to drive hours and hours to just be with us, to warm meals delivered at dinner time and gift cards to local restaurants and grocery stores, to flowers, to handmade cookies, to kind words and safe spaces where tears flow freely with us, to hugs, to the most beautiful pot of flowers with the kindest card just to welcome us a hundred other details that are so personally loving...we are being loved so well in our deepest heartache and pain...

thank you to so many people that we can't begin to we stumble through the minutes and hours thank you for your kindness, your love, and your support as we grieve and walk this journey.

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