4 Ways to Handle Motion Sickness While Traveling

June 4, 2019

Ever since I was a little girl I have struggled with motion sickness. Despite my love of traveling in all different forms, I was always the one who would ask for the air to be higher, the windows to be rolled down, the temperature to be cooler, and would practically camp out to stake out the seats that would allow me to easily see how. Motion sickness was definitely not a friend and over the years as I have continued to travel more and more I have found a few ways to help handle this to make it better. Here are four of my favorite tips on ways to handle motion sickness as you travel!

1. Take Control
If you are taking a road trip but are not driving, the place that you sit can contribute to motion sickness. Studies have shown that drivers are less likely to get motion sickness than passengers simply because the brain is being focused on the commands to control and predict the motion of the car. If possible try driving when you have the opportunity to help with motion sickness. 

Another way to take control if you are not driving is to try to sit in a set as a passenger where you can look out front. Studies have shown that looking out onto the horizon gives the brain a greater sense of control than just looking at the whizzing scenery. 

If you are unable to sit in one of these situations or are on a cruise or a train or a flight, try to open a vent up to help the air flow, start a conversation, or pick a point that is steady to focus on. On a flight consider choosing a seat over the wing which has been said to be the calmest area of an airplane.

If you are on a cruise consider choosing a stateroom at booking that will help prevent motion sickness. Studies have shown that on a ship those in rooms near the center of the ship are less likely to experience as much motion as those on the aft or front part of the ship. 

2. Pressure Points
Different people think different things regarding the idea of pressure points and acupressure, but I have found pressure points to be helpful in different situations, including extreme motion sickness. For some people wearing the pressure point wristbands is incredibly helpful. THIS ONE is very popular, has helped me, and is less than $7! Click HERE! Simply slip it on and wear it on your travels! So easy! Traveling with a child - here is the child's version of the wristband- click HERE

3. Choose Wisely
On any trip really make sure that you are watching your consumption of the type of food, drink and alcohol levels that you consume before and during your trip. A lot of people don't feel good when they travel simply because they start to eat lots of foods (think heavy creams, spicy, or fat-rich foods) that they don't typically eat in their daily lives. Try to keep to your normal diet on your trip which will help your stomach stay less queasy over all and in general. 

If you have the opportunity try to also control the odors that you are surrounded with. Sometimes just certain smells can make your stomach not feel good. 

4. Ginger
I have talked SO much about Ginger here on the blog, but one of my most popular travel posts, 16 Unexpected Things to Bring on Every Cruise, remains my highest read post with literally thousands of views a day. From that post I hear the most from people about the suggestion of how ginger has helped them in their cruise travels and it honestly is great for all different types of travel. 

A lot of people use Dramamine (or the patch) for motion sickness for traveling which is a wonderful option, but ginger can be a great natural resource to help with nausea. You can read more about ginger and its health benefits by clicking HERE. I have mentioned this in several posts but I swear by THIS ginger here and it is LESS than $5! Seriously- SO awesome!! Click HERE!

Also, if you are wanting to use dramamine- did you know that there is now a non-drowsy version made with ginger? You can find it HERE! 

I hope that you find these four tips helpful for handling motion sickness y'all! I know how difficult it can be and I hope that this post helps to ease this area so that you can enjoy your travels even more! Let me know if you have any questions! I am happy to answer! Looking for additional travel tips for road trips, cruising, or flying? Check out my travel page HERE!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and this post should not be taken as medical advice. Make sure to always consult with your doctor on all products suggested in this post and on this blog.

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