Miami in a Weekend: Where to Go and What to Eat

January 17, 2019

Taking on Miami in one weekend can seem like a gargantuan task. Visiting the most popular and well-known places is an easy solution, but you can end up spending hours trailing through lines or maneuvering through crowds just to do the one thing you sought out to do. Thankfully, Miami is an ever-growing city and there is plenty to do outside the expected all you need is a little city guidance.

Best Places to Eat 
Miami is famous for its Latin cuisine, but many tourists are quick to flock to the Cuban offerings in the different parts of the city's expansive neighborhoods. From Hialeah to Miami Beach, it is all too easy for visitors to choose one of the plethoras of Cuban restaurants and feel as though they've gotten all of what Miami has to offer, but this is entirely not the case.

Miami has an array of Latin cuisine options located throughout its neighborhoods. Some notable ones include:
     Sabor Venezolano: A Venezuelan restaurant tucked away in a strip mall in Doral—affectionately known by locals as Doralzuela—this place is as authentic as it gets. You can sample anything from full platter meals such as the national dish Pabellon or try a smattering of appetizers such as tequeños or empanadas.
     Divino Ceviche: Peruvian cuisine is seeing more and more interest from local tourism and that is all due to its rich history and abundance of fusion elements. Try the famed ceviche with a side of complimentary sweet potato chips or dive into the delicious world of Peruvian Chinese food.
     Madroño Restaurant: Another population making its impact on Miami cuisine is the Nicaraguans. Nicaraguan food is as diverse as it is tasty, so you can try anything from the street food favorite Vigoron to the hearty Churrasco.

Prices to Expect 
There is an assumption that all of Miami is expensive, but this is entirely not true. The fact of the matter is that the closer you get to Miami Beach, with all of its high-end offerings, the more expensive things are. Proximity to the beach is a highly-sought after commodity and there is a steep price to pay for it. Anything from hotels to drinks at a bar is going to be significantly more expensive the closer they are to the beach. If you are more flexible in your travel plans, consider staying further inland for more affordable accommodations.

Activities to Try 
Many of the popular tourist places in Miami are also some of the most overcrowded. To avoid the crowds and still have a great time, opt for these alternatives.

     Wynwood Farmer's Market: Located in the beautiful art district of Wynwood, the Wynwood Farmer's Market is a small, organic market that caters to local business as well as alternative, healthier food options. You can shop for produce and try handmade kombucha all while getting your steps in.
     Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science: This is a fairly new addition to the Miami hotspots, but it is quickly making an impact. The Museum is home to an aquarium as well as a laser lights show and multiple floors filled with scientific exploration.
     CityPlace Doral: Forego the Dolphin or Aventura Malls and their bustling crowds for this small up-and-comer. CityPlace offers a movie theater with a full bar, a variety of restaurants, and little boutiques to delight and surprise. CityPlace also has frequent activities from Ladies' Night to small concerts on its main rotunda. Visit the website to see what they are doing now.
This is only a small chunk of the things that there are to do in Miami. Take this one weekend as a reconnaissance mission, then come back to visit the places you've missed. Wherever you choose to go, Miami will surely deliver an experience to remember.
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