a beautiful winter weekend

January 21, 2019

Happy Monday friends! I hope you are having a wonderful start to this new week (or a lovely long weekend for those of you who have today off)! This past weekend was such a fun, relaxing, and sweet time and one of my favorites of this year so far! It was filled with my favorite things- people, although we were having such a great time I don't have any pictures to have captured it! Hahaha!

On Friday night I had the most wonderful time at dinner with people whom I dearly treasure. My heart walked away full, my stomach hurting from laughter, and drove home incredibly grateful at a perfect evening. There is a verse in the Bible that says that "Mary treasured these things in her heart" and this was definitely one of those times for me... moments treasured in my heart. 

Saturday was a wonderful treat as two of my friends came over to have lunch before the winter storm hit. Girl time is always lovely and these ladies are great. While I would never choose to have gotten sick or have Lyme Disease or have had to walk the painful road to get to this point... there are these amazingly unexpected blessings of illness that show up if you look for them and these ladies are definitely some of them. I don't know if we would have connected if not for Lyme. I love how our conversations travel from dealing with this journey to life, dreams, and the future.
Saturday afternoon the snow storm started and I worked more on finalizing some details and items for the December Caravan shop re-opening (which will happen Wednesday!). I am so excited to share with y'all these new items! 
Yesterday (Sunday) was spent indoors working on shop items, bloggy posts, reading, writing deadlines, and connecting with old friends as the winter storm fully hit. It wasn't one of the worst ones that I have been in, but we did get a lot of snow and it was simply beautiful. I wandered out to walk in it and appreciate the quiet and beauty and snapped this picture above. Snow days are lovely.

I can't believe that we are already into the third week of January y'all. This new year seems to be flying so quickly. I want to grab onto the moments and just hold time still in some ways, and yet it continues to march forward and with that I know will come new adventures and joys. 

Did y'all have a good weekend? Did you do anything special this weekend? Happy Monday friends! I hope that you have a wonderful beginning to your new week! 

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