Keeping Up with the Times: Your Guide to Modern Women's Watches

January 31, 2019

Do you remember the wildly popular Swatch brand of the '80s? You might be shocked to learn that the Swatch is far from dead. In fact, trendy millennials gave the retro brand its biggest sales boost in years recently. 

In addition to retro watches, there are many other trends in modern women's watches that might surprise you. Sure, we all know that a classic watch in delicate gold metal looks nice. But if you want to make a fashion statement with your wrist, you'll want to know about the best modern watches to buy today.

With the advent of the time-keeping smartphone, watches are no longer necessary. This means you can have more fun with a watch than ever before! Keep reading to learn about the hot trends in women's watch brands now.

The boyish "boyfriend" watch makes it look like you actually stole it from your boyfriend. However, you don't have to actually shop in the men's watch section. Boyfriend watches give that masculine look but they're sized for a woman's wrist. These watches tend to be over-sized and hefty, unlike the sleeker over-sized feminine watch styles. They have thick bands and large watch faces, and they're usually made of leather or metal.
However, they also have a feminine touch or two to make them more wearable for everyday looks. For example, a boyfriend watch with a chunky design might come in a delicate color like off-white so it doesn't look ultra-masculine. These watches strike the perfect balance of unisex style so anyone can wear them.

Wrap Band
Wrap band watches take their place among trendy bracelets. In fact, they often look their best when paired with an armful of bangles or bracelets to play up the layered look. These watches have bands that wrap around the list, creating two or more layers of leather band. You can find them in simple, minimalist styles, or with delicately embellished bands for a more jewelry-inspired look.

Floral watchbands might look a little bit gauche (unless they're very well-designed), but a floral watch face makes a trendy statement. This trend works best on over-sized watches with big faces that can hold big floral designs. These watches become art pieces with floral "paintings" encased within the timepiece. It's a subtle way to make a more delicate, feminine statement with a watch. A white background looks more classic, while a colored or black background offsets the florals in a bolder way. A floral watch takes the over-sized, feminine watch trend up a notch. 

Skeleton watches have long been a trend in men's watches. They use an exposed design that shows off the gears of the watch. However, they're not just for men anymore. Today, some designers are making skeleton watches for women who want an updated, classic look. This is a great twist on the boyfriend or menswear watch trend. They often look best with a simple leather band that won't overpower the look of the exposed watch face.

Is any list of modern women's watches really complete without a smartwatch on it?
Watches for women don't have to be all form and no function. If you want your watch to do more than tell the time, a smartwatch isn't just practical -- it's trendy.

Early smartwatches had boring, clunky designs. But today, these sleek techy accessories look great on any wrist. You can choose from a number of different brands to get the features you really want. You can also find smartwatches in other colorways besides the classic white or black.

In fact, you can even find smartwatches that look more like "real" watches if you don't prefer the techy look. From simple to designer styles, everyone can find a smartwatch that works for them. Staying connected 24/7 never looked so good.

Smartwatches offer a super-modern trend, but retro watches take things back in time. If you want a watch that reminds you of a simpler time, you can pick up a popular Swatch or another trendy watch with a throwback look.

Retro watches often use materials like rubber or silicone to get that old school design. They might also have retro dial designs reminiscent of an old-fashioned clock. Some of the best retro watches come in bold colors. They're the antithesis of the modern minimalist trend, yet they're still just as stylish.

If you want to stay on the cutting edge of trends, now is a great time to invest in a small, delicate women's watch. Over-sized, bold watches have dominated women's watch trends for a number of years now. Fashion always comes in waves, so it only makes sense that designers will soon counter the over-sized trend with delicate, small watches. Start wearing one now, and you'll be able to boast that you had one "before it was cool."

Of course, even though small watches aren't the biggest trend now, you won't look out of fashion if you wear one. The small watch may have dropped in popularity in the past few years, but most stylish brands always have some small watches on the market. 

Vegan Leather
For those who love a leather look but love animals too, vegan leather watchbands are a perfect choice. Vegan leather used to look tacky and cheap, but modern vegan leather looks and feels almost just like the real thing. You can find it in any color and design, and it's often much cheaper than real leather. No one but you will know the difference!

Which Modern Women's Watches Should You Buy?
Whether you're shopping for yourself or a loved one, there's something for everyone in this guide to modern women's watches. You can start with your favorite design, or try a new watch for every season until you have a complete collection. 

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