A Taste Of The World In One Bite Of The Big Apple

June 26, 2018

New York might be the biggest, the most populous, and the most famous city of the US. But it’s also a place where people from all around the world have historically come to find their fortune and to be part of the American Dream. As a result, it’s not just a US-city, it’s a city of the whole world. Here, we’re going to look at how one bite of the Big Apple can give you a taste of places much farther flung.

Celebrate in China
Manhattan’s Chinatown is easily one of the most colorful and invigorating parts of the whole city. If you enjoy food, culture, and entertainment, you are certain to find it here. But the time of the year that is undeniably better than any other, when it comes to arranging your visit, is during the Chinese New Year. It can feel like you have stepped directly into another world. Huge floats, colorful dancing dragons, and vendors come out in full force. It’s not just a show, but an important event for families to honor their ancestors and come together. If you only have a short time to enjoy the sights, then you absolutely must stick around for the traditional lion dancing.
Eat in Italy
Of course, if you want to talk about cuisine in New York, then you can’t go very far without talking about the Italian flavor in particular. Tastes from around the world have found their home in New York, but perhaps none has become so firmly rooted and closely associated with the city than the tastes of Italy. There is many a pizzeria and no shortage of places to enjoy a good pasta dish. If there’s one that’s a must-visit, however, it must be Eataly. The hallmark location of a franchise that now reaches across the world, it’s a mix of restaurant, food store, café, and much more that makes for a day out just as much as a place to stop and enjoy a bite.

Adventure in Paris
The theatre is deeply nested within the cultural heart and the history of the city. If you visit without seeing the lights of Broadway or even catching a show just outside it, you are missing out. Not only is it an institution, but it’s a great way to catch shows not only from across the world but also depicting adventures across it. For example, seeing Anastasia at the Broadhurst Theatre can have you living a musical adventure in Paris fraught with peril, intrigue, and a little magic. The theatre has a lot more to offer than Paris alone, so see what shows are coming up and choose the right time to see your favorites.
Inspiration from Europe
If your tastes a little more sedate and you want to be inspired by artists all around the world, then the many galleries and art museums of the city are a must-see. The Met Museum is particularly impressive for the sheer amount of different locales and periods it showcases in its exhibitions. However, if you’re a lover of the European masters, The Frick Collection might be a little more up your street. There are pieces from Goya, Rembrandt, Renoir, Titian and more. One moment you can be swept up in the vistas of a romantic Spanish scene and the next you can be admiring the golden age of Dutch baroque. All of it contained in a gorgeous old school museum complete with a working water fountain.

The heart of the US
Whilst you might be enjoying your international adventures in the Big Apple, it’s worth taking a look at the shore that drew all those people from around the world in the first place. From Coney Island to the Statue of Liberty, cruising the ports of New York City is not something to be missed. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful skylines in the country and never fails to elicit an emotional, awestruck reaction. Take a tour on the water up and down the coast, which can help you hit all the highlights of the city itself or even go further out into the county to show that there’s still much more to explore.

If you want to experience cultures, tastes, and sights from around the world, you don’t necessarily have to travel it. Of course, everything gets a New York-spin that makes it distinctly part of the city and part of the American way of life, but still, a trip to the Big Apple can truly broaden your horizons.

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