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Moving Home When You Live Alone : A Timeline

One thing that can be tough when you are walking your singleness journey is moving houses. After all, it's you alone that has to organize everything, do all the packing and the hard work. Luckily, there is a way to make it less of a difficult task, something you can read more about in the timeline below.

Three months.
When you are single and moving home, it is important to remember that thing may take you a little longer to complete on your own. Therefore it is a good idea to start as early as possible, and with that in mind start to declutter your home three months before the move.

Decluttering is a vital stage because it ensures that you only have to pack and transport the thing that you genuinely want to take with you. Something that can save you both money and effort when moving day rolls around. Two months before the move is time to start getting things put in place. In particular its an excellent point to book off any time you need to from work, and the more notice they will have for this the better.

Two months.
Two months before the move is time to start getting things put in place. In particular its an excellent point to book off any time you need to from work, and the more notice they will have for this the better.

Also, it is the perfect time to do some research on local movers that can help you with your relocation. After all, they are insured for
any damage that occurs by accident, and they can take care of the heavy lifting of large furniture pieces and boxes, so you don't
have to struggle on your own.

One month.
When there is only one month left before you move it's the perfect time to start packing. In fact, because you have previously
de-cluttered your home, this task should already be a little easier.
Just remember to pack your boxes properly with some heavy items at the bottom for stability, then fill the rest of the box up with lighter pieces. Otherwise, you may struggle to lift them without help, something that can be a real pain if you want to start moving them around in preparation for the big day and there is no one about to assist you.

One week.
One week before your moving date is the best time to deal with any administration issues. These usually include getting your mail redirected to your new address, as well as letting your utility provider know your moving out date.

Don't forget to make some time to say a proper goodbye to friends and neighbors in the areas as well, and give then you change of address details so you can stay in touch.

One day.
Lastly, just before moving day, you will want to ensure that you have a box of essentials packed for the day itself. Usually, enough tea and coffee as well as some snacks area good idea for you, the removal men, and any friends and family you have roped into helping.

Don't forget to use this time to look over you moving plan and decide which room you would like packed onto the truck first, and finish off any finial jobs such as defrosting the freezer. You may even wean to treat yourself to a last take-out meal in your old home before you new adventure begins!

This may be a contributed post but all of the thoughts I agree with and match the tone of my blog .