Happy 32nd Birthday Hoopster!

June 12, 2018

My gorgeous "baby" sister (whom I affectionately refer to as "hoopster" -because she played basketball... and who calls me "pom pom" -because I was a cheerleader and yes, we have code names. Blame it on a bad break up and a marathon viewing of Alias. *smiles*) turns 32 today! 

I thought it would be fun to re-share a post I posted a couple of years ago on her 30th birthday of 30 of my favorite things about her. (These are in no particular order and there are a ton more I could have mentioned. It was hard to narrow it down to just thirty!)
1. That you still thinks code names are "cool". 

2. That no matter how many years we take the twenty hour car trip to New York you still think it is fun to sneak "just one more thing" in.
3. The Rescue. Need I say more?

4. Our Memories.
5. The Spring that we lived together before I got sick.
6. How BIG your heart is.

7. That you get dressed up for dinner just because I think it is fun. 
8. The laughter that you bring to our family.
9. That we still laugh about Mary Kate and Ashley movies and that you still encourage me that we will be on the Amazing Race. "Let's run up the hill... duck... okay get in the car... this game is all about minutes."

10. Our conversations. 

11. That you think I am a good singer (hahaha) and that it is always a good time to start "air-singing" ... don't worry I will call and sing to you today!
12. ALL of your prayers for me!

13. Our Thanksgiving Starbucks tradition
14. Our late night talks- even in freezing hotel rooms.
15. Our sister days. (and trips!)

16. That you love being in charge of the lights at Christmas 
17. Your lovely understanding of the need for compassion in the world.
18. your love for our pajama tradition!
19. Your ability to bring a smile to everyone's heart that encounters you.
20. Your loyalty. 

21. Your love for Disney World (just like me!)
22. Your agreement that there is only so much of the "it's a small world song" before one goes crazy.
23. that you love toasting with Starbucks water just because I think it is fun
24. your love for scamper and my future hubby and my future children

25. your love for road trips (and for singing in the car to all of the songs we know by heart!)
26. your love for talking and planning over EVERY DETAIL for future trips to give me a distraction through treatment

27. Our silly inside jokes.
28. Your Hugs
29. Our Tubing Adventures... Just jump Emily you can do it one more time... 
30. YOU
HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 32nd BIRTHDAY Hoopster! I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you this coming year! I LOVE YOU sooo much!! This is going to be the best year ever!!
"Every time you cross my mind, I break out in exclamations of thanks to God. Each exclamation is a trigger to prayer. I find myself praying for you with a glad heart."
-Philippians 1:3-

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