Au Vieux Strasbourg Restaurant // France

February 24, 2018

Happy Saturday y'all! I hope that your weekend is going well! This past week it has been so fun to share about our time in Strasbourg (sharing a brief history of Strasbourg HERE; sharing a walk through the historic section HERE, and sharing about the inspiring Place Saint Thomas HERE!) from our Rhine River Cruise! Strasbourg was one of our favorite places to visit so it is neat to share with all of y'all some from this experience. 
As I mentioned in a previous post we spent the entire day in Strasbourg and ended up eating at the Au Vieux Restaurant that is near the Cathedral. 
As you can see in this picture above that I took from the doorway of the restaurant the Cathedral is within a very easy and close walking distance. 
We chose the restaurant not only for the reviews that we saw but also because we knew that it offered allergy friendly options. To be frank the menu (even though it was in French) was easy to understand as it showed clearly the allergens that were in each meal choice. Unfortunately though the options were extremely limited if you have a combined gluten and dairy allergy. We chose the only option on the menu for this which was the Pork with Potatoes and Sauerkraut. Honestly, the meal (although a bit expensive) was very good and we were thankful to have found something allergen friendly. 
A humorous word of warning though for us travelers from the United States...this is more of a local restaurant that is not very friendly to tourists. I say humorous because I think that these situations are things to experience when you travel. It didn't frustrate us because we are easy going, but if you get uptight about running into issues with a restaurant this is not the place for you. 

I would also say that if you are looking for an authentic French experience and want to visit here I would suggest knowing some French phrases and understanding before hand that they are not trying to cater to tourists- especially those who don't speak French- at all. 

We love to explore non-touristy places so we were excited about this specific place, but unfortunately it didn't work out the best for us. We ran into problems when we decided to split our entree because we were not very hungry. Let me be honest and say that our waiter was not happy at all about this. Technically it is allowed, but it was definitely frowned upon. In fact after we ordered like this our waiter refused to even speak with us - sending over someone else to deliver our meal, never refreshed our drinks, and then ignored our request (for 30 minutes) for the bill. It was definitely sad that this behavior was shown at this cute place. I say that to share that if you are going to visit here then you will definitely want to be prepared for some unfriendly service if you choose to do this! 
All in all though we had a fantastic time chatting and enjoying our meal. I can't honestly say that we would go back (we saw so many other adorable street restaurants that we wish we would have tried in hindsight) but the location was perfect for us. 

Stay tuned for Monday as I share about the beautiful Strasbourg Cathedral! Happy Saturday friends! 

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