Monday Inspiration and Encouragement (Volume Fifteen)

March 5, 2018

So last February I shared that for a while I had a dream of sharing some Monday inspiration and encouragement on the blog. Life is hard and I know full well that in the difficult times it can be hard to find inspiration, so several months ago I shared my first post (which you can find HERE) and have loved sharing periodically on Mondays ( you can find all of the Monday inspiration posts HERE) different things that I have found to be really inspiring and encouraging from all different genres and hope that it will encourage and inspire you for your week! 
{first} I thought I was familiar with every single Elisabeth Elliot quote that existed but I had never heard this one before this last week. It has really struck me in deep and profound ways and as I shared with my Instagram community has been something I have been thinking over a lot. I hope it inspires you this morning as it has me.
{second} Did y'all hear about Dolly Parton donating her 100 millionth book? I was listening to NPR news and read about how she has championed early childhood literacy. Through her non profit program (Imagination Library) every month a free book is mailed to more than a million children (infants to preschoolers). I knew Dolly Parton did a lot of things, but didn't know to much about this aspect of her life. It was definitely a huge inspiration! You can read more about her visiting the Library of Congress and her non-profit, and her future dreams with this program HERE
{third} I shared in the summer that I am working on a special upcoming project that revolves around World War II and the holocaust. I can't wait to share more about it, but this is definitely an area of history that I am passionate about keeping alive so that it never happens again. This book, Irena's Children (the young readers version) I found a couple of weeks ago and I read through it this past weekend. I had read the adult version ( which you can find HERE) a number of years ago, but the young readers version intrigued me. To be honest, I thought the book was still a bit tough to read so I would caution the age range of this book, but it was one of the most inspiring books I have read, so I would definitely recommend it to adults! It is an "easy" read (as far as how it is written of course), but the content is so good. The young readers version goes into more detail about the amazing people that surrounded the underground ring that Irena was a part of and it is truly amazing. I kept talking about it all weekend long and can't recommend it enough. You can find the young readers version HERE
{fourth} I am so excited to have an incredible opportunity to head back to Florida and Disney in a few weeks. There is something so magical about Disney and is such an inspiration. I always come away being gently reminded of the beauty of dreaming big- you know? Here is a question for y'all- what are y'alls favorite restaurants in Epcot? I haven't spent a ton of time in Epcot in years and would love to have your thoughts! 

{fifth}I have shared this a couple of times but I continue to receive emails so I wanted to share it again. Since posting the above picture on Instagram almost a year ago I have been receiving emails asking what journaling Bible that I use. I use the ESV Journaling Bible (The Interleaved Version). The cheapest that I have found it for was on Amazon which you can find HERE. If you are looking for the non-interleaved version that looks similar you can find it HERE
To be honest I love the opportunity to do creative things in my Bible, but it is not the Bible that I use every single day. My marked up, tear-stained, scribbled in, highlighted, underlined, etc. Bible is the NIV Bloom Collection Compact Bible (seen in the picture above)- you can find it HERE.  There are a variety of different flower covers in the collection (Pink Tulip, Pink Flower, Orange Flower, Purple Tulip, Red Tulip) and the prices range a bit. One of the things that I love is that the Bible is so compact that I can literally take it with me everywhere. It is only 7 inches long about 4 inches wide and is only 1 inch thick. I share that to say that I encourage you to find a Bible that works for you. I know that there is a big push for doing all of these creative amazing things in Bibles, but I also know that some people are not wanting a big Bible like that. Whatever works for you is great. 

{sixth}Finally, as many of you know - one of my heroes was Billy Graham. I know for so many of you it was the same. So many things could be said, but one of the stories that stood out to me from his funeral was the story about how the casket was made. If you want to read more you can do so HERE

I hope that you are inspired and encouraged by these six things on this Monday! What about you? What is inspiring you recently?

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