Caravan Sonnet: 8 Weeks Until "When the Alphabet Runs Green" Book Release!


8 Weeks Until "When the Alphabet Runs Green" Book Release!

Happy Wednesday y'all! I hope that you are having a great week! It is hard to believe but there are only EIGHT weeks until my new book, "When The Alphabet Runs Green: Practical Tips from A to Z for Living Well with and Healing from Lyme Disease" will be released! May 1st is the day and it is approaching really quickly! You can read more about "When the Alphabet Runs Green" HERE

If you are a Lyme patient or love someone with Lyme Disease and would be willing to read an advanced copy (for free) in exchange for an honest review please apply to become a part of the "When the Alphabet Runs Green" launch team! You can read more of the details and find out where to apply HERE! PLEASE note that there are a limited number of spots - Last day to sign up is on MAY 15th!

"When the Alphabet Runs Green" will be able for purchase where books are sold and on Amazon. Thank you so much for all of your support of all of my books! I am truly so blessed by y'all! I look forward to having you hopefully be a part of the launch team

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