When Lyme Invades: Encouragement and Practical Tips for Loving Your Friend Through Lyme Disease (Releasing May 1st, 2019)

April 6, 2017

This week brought joyous and humbling news. I am so humbled to announce that my upcoming book, When Lyme Invades- Encouragement and Practical Tips for Loving Your Friend Through Lyme Disease, will be released on May 1st, 2019. This book has been in the works for over three years and was not expected to release for a couple of more, so to see it come to fruition this year brings tears of gratitude to my eyes.

A bit more about the book from the back cover:

Lyme Disease is one of the single greatest health crises affecting our world and resources for friends and loved ones of Lyme Disease patients are lacking. Have you or a friend ever struggled to find the right words or actions to help a friend who has just been diagnosed with Lyme Disease? Have you been walking the journey of Lyme for more years than you can count on your hand? Do you ever wonder which acts of kindness will convey empathy to a friend who has been fighting for more than 5 years? Are you ever confused by the ups and downs of the disease and aren't sure how to respond?

"When Lyme Invades" provides an in-depth look at what it feels like to have Lyme Disease and how to practically come alongside and love your friend through this disease. Understanding that support is a critical need of patients, this book will bring awareness, encouragement, and practical tips to help address the unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals and families fighting Lyme Disease regardless of the type of treatment patients choose. Additionally, this book will enable readers to learn from patients, Lyme specialists, doctors, and caregivers so that the reader will have a well-rounded perspective. The reader will also learn practical steps to love their friend through their journey of Lyme Disease. 

Throughout my personal journey with Lyme Disease I have seen and experienced the beautiful love of faithful friends who have uniquely stood by me in this journey. Those that have done so are to numerous to even count, but behind the scenes I have also experienced the deep and wounding heartache that many Lyme patients face- which is the heart-brokenness that comes when friends walk away. My personal belief is that the reason the latter happens is that people are not sure how to continue to walk along side a patient with a long-term illness like Lyme. My hope with this book is that it will encourage those who want to be a part of a friends journey, but are not sure how to practically walk along side. 

In the upcoming months I will be sharing some exciting updates, but in the mean-time thank you so much for sharing in the joy of this exciting news!