Portland, Maine

October 14, 2015

On our 2nd full day of cruising we arrived in Portland, Maine. I had done a ton of research before the cruise and my sweet friend Michelle and I decided to choose an excursion to participate in when we docked in Portland. Since we had gone with Carnival Cruises we ended up choosing one of their excursions entitled "Best of Portland and Kennebunkport" which was an approximately five hour excursion. We purchased the excursion ahead of the cruise (which saved us some money) and it cost us $65. Honestly I can't recommend this excursion enough!! Our tour guide was fantastic, the bus was extremely comfortable, and I felt that in addition to seeing a lot of Portland, we also were able to see other beautiful parts of Maine. We spent time at the gorgeous Portland Head Light House (which I will be sharing soon!), saw some different parts of Maine through the travel to Kennebunkport, and spend time in Kennebunkport (which is absolutely adorable!). This excursion definitely made me walk away wanting to spend more time in Maine and visit this sweet area of the country again!

Today I wanted to share with you some pictures of Portland, Maine and some of the lovely parts of this city that we were able to see!

Our tour started at 11:30am and we were incredibly excited to get off the ship to start our tour!
As we drove throughout Portland we actually could see our ship in the distance!
The old ship captain's houses that are in Portland and the surrounding area are so pretty!
Even in the clouds Portland, Maine was gorgeous! It is definitely a place I would love to return to to spend more time!
Have y'all visited Portland before? If not, I definitely recommend adding it to your list of "must see" travel places! You won't regret it!

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