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Latest on the blog

What's Up Wednesday (January Edition)

Happy Wednesday friends! I am excited to link up with MelShaeffer, and Shay for the "What's Up Wednesday" Link up! I have so enjoyed reading these ladies posts and am excited to join in! It is so fun to connect with so many other ladies who are doing this each month!

What We're Eating this Week... 
After so many years of having stomach issues due to Lyme Disease I am so excited to be eating a more "well-rounded" diet, specifically in regards to raw vegetables. I shared on instagram over a year ago that there was a point in this journey that I had a GI specialist share that "there was nothing more that he could do, I would never get healthy or be able to eat raw food again and that I should accept my lot". For days, weeks, and years I stared out my bedroom window wondering if his words were true and yet begging the Lord for healing. And slowly SLOWLY SLOWLY I started to heal and am still slowly healing but am now able to eat raw foods, including my 6 cups of greens (literally) that I eat everyday to help my body full heal. Healing takes place one day at a time in the small and big steps and every time I look at raw food I remember how far the Lord has brought me.

What I'm Reminiscing About... 
In the midst of this snowy winter we are experiencing in the south I am remembering with fondness the cruise to the Caribbean a couple of years ago, especially the day at Coco Cay!

What I'm Loving... 
Having enough energy to be creating for my shop again! I love being creative so this has been an incredible blessing to have the energy to be "back at it"! I am also a little in love with all of the different Valentine's Day Buntings that are now in the shop! (You can find my shop HERE!)

What I've Been Up To...
If you follow me on instagram than you know that this month "Nic the PICC"  had his "3 month birthday" and we are rejoicing in his health. Days are filled with treatments, IV's, (yes, lots of sickness) but we are pressing forward #onedayatatime. I continue to appreciate all of your prayers! 

What I'm Dreading... 
Let's be honest... there was a reason that I didn't become a nurse- the infusions, the care for "Nic the PICC", the IV's ... it is a little overwhelming... and extremely expensive. Even with insurance we are paying LOTS each month for my treatment. It is overwhelming and has caused a ton of tears and stress these past couple of weeks. I appreciate your prayers for all of this!

What I'm Working on... 
Lots and lots of new items for the shop and a couple of exciting surprises that I will be sharing in the next few weeks! I can't wait to share with y'all!!

What I'm Excited About... 
Some exciting new projects that I can't wait to share with y'all in the upcoming days and weeks ahead!

What I'm Watching/Reading... 
A couple of months ago I shared about the top 5 books that have impacted my life the most. In that post I shared about an author, Robin Jones Gunn who has written several series that I loved and just re-read her latest book "One More Wish" this past week week. I have shared this before but I was 13 years old when I was handed my first of many books I would fall in love with from Robin Jones Gunn and haven't stopped reading them over the last 22 years. I have read, re-read, and re-read a thousand times the adventures of Robin's characters while I have been encouraged in my faith and strengthened and challenged to return to scripture. I welled up with tears many times throughout this book as I was gently and lovingly encouraged to remember that "God's timing is flawless". Absolutely wonderful. 

No matter your age- whether you are 13 years old to your early thirties (and beyond) you will love these books. Throughout the last few years of my health journey I have re-read these series and books thousands (literally!!) of times, have handed out countless copies to people on airplanes, in hospitals, and even once in a grocery store line. The beautiful way that Robin writes mimics the beautiful way that the Lord calls people to Himself- with lots of love, lots of grace, and lots of beauty. 

What I'm Listening to... 
I shared this several months ago but if you haven't had the chance to listen to this beautiful song, "Jesus I am resting" yet, take the three minutes and do it right now. I promise you will be incredibly blessed! (Want to find out more about the Wissmann Family and check out more of their music? You can find their website HERE!)

What I'm Wearing... 
These red boots from Joules (that were a gift!) I wear pretty much They are amazingly comfortable, I love the pop of red color, are great with skinny jeans, and are great for the winter weather! 

What I'm looking Forward to Next Month... 
We will be one month done with my new treatment meds (PRAISE THE LORD!!) and one month closer to healing!! 

I would love to know your answers to these questions friends! Share your thoughts below in the comments!! *smiles* Happy Wednesday!


  1. I've heard PICC lines are such a hassle! And that's great you have some help from your insurance.


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