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Latest on the blog

A Few of My Favorite Sandals from ASOS

Last week I shared about a few of my favorite things from Joules and this week for Fashion Friday I thought I would be fun to share about a few of my favorite sandals from ASOS. I first shared about my love affair with ASOS clothing back in 2015 here on the blog, and have loved them ever since my first purchase with them. As a tall gal I love the fact that they have a tall section for ladies and I adore the way that their clothes fit no matter the size that you are.
If you we are connected on Instagram than you most likely have seen me in several different ASOS pieces over the years. A couple of my favorite things that I have worn are the two dresses above that I shared when I went to Disneyworld with friends in September and the black and white striped midi stress that I shared about HERE. Both of these dresses have been worn many many times and I love the way that they look and feel.
I also love the different products that ASOS offers, including their jewelry. One of my favorite pieces that I purchased last year from ASOS (on sale for under $20!) was an over-sized white watch that I wear all the time:
Last night I was looking at all of the new pieces that ASOS is releasing and today I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite sandals from this lovely company:

London Rebel Toepost Flat Sandals in Gold
I love a lot of the different shoes and sandals that ASOS has but one of my favorite is this pair- the London Rebel Toepost Flat Sandals in Gold.

  ASOS FLERY Leather Flat Sandals - Tan

ASOS FELENA Leather Embellished Flat Sandals - Beige

ASOS FROLIC Wide Fit Flat Sandals - Tan

  ASOS FIXATION Suede Plaited Flat Sandals - Pink

  ASOS FRECKLES Leather Lace Up Flat Sandals - Pink

ASOS FELENA Leather Embellished Flat Sandals - Gold

So those are just a few of my favorite sandals from ASOS. What about y'all? Do you have any favorite sandals or shoes from ASOS that you would recommend? And don't forget to Shop the ASOS Outlet for ip to 70% off Shoes! Happy Friday y'all!! I hope that you have a wonderful day!!