9 Easy and Quick Ways to Include Dandelion Greens into Your life

April 6, 2017

Last month I wrote a Thursday Health Thoughts Post on the 13 Amazing Benefits of Dandelions. (You can find the post by clicking HERE if you would like to read more about the health benefits of this important and simple food!) One question that I have been emailed about in this past month is for suggestions on how to practically get dandelions into your life. So today I thought I would share 9 easy and quick ways to include dandelions into your life! Start incorporating one or a few of them today and see the amazing benefits that you experience! 

1. Dandelion Salads
As y'all know I eat close to 4-8 cups of raw greens every single day. This is a HUGE part of my healing therapy and to incorporate dandelions I simply include dandelions into at least one of those salads each day. I typically end up eating about a cup of dandelions a day. 

If you are looking for specific dandelion salads (I have tried and modified a couple of these) I definitely suggest looking at all recipes. You can find a list of dandelion salad recipes HERE
To help increase the amount of dandelion that I get into my body each day I started using liquid dandelion. This has been a HUGE help to me for a couple of reasons. First, it allows me to easily up the amount of dandelion that I get into my system in a concentrated way. Second, since we live in an area that fresh dandelion is not always available, having this resource on hand to use everyday is a huge blessing.

If you look around and research you will find that there are lots of different options for liquid dandelion. I chose Nature's Answer on Amazon because of the price (It is less than $7!) and due to the research that I had done. If you would like to purchase the one that I use you can find it HERE.

3. Juice your Dandelions
A third way to get dandelions into your diet is to juice them. 

4. Add Dandelions to Your Smoothies
Don't have a juicer or don't juice? Consider throwing in dandelions into your smoothie for a great green booster! 

5. Dandelion in Soups/Dandelion Soup
Another simple way to add dandelion into your diet is to include it into your soups. Simply cut up the leaves or the root and add it in for extra health benefits. If you are looking for a dandelion soup recipe I found this one HERE.

6. Dandelion Pesto
If y'all know me at all you know that I am a HUGE pesto fan so when I found THESE recipes I was so excited. It is definitely on my list of recipes to try soon! Anyone tried this yet?

7. Dandelion on Skin
One of the things that I shared in my post 13 Amazing Benefits of Dandelions is that dandelions are know to help certain skin infections. To use it in this way simply break open the stem and apply the white sticky juice/milk onto the skin infection. This can be applied daily or numerous times a day (under the supervision of a medical professional). 

Another great way to get dandelion into your system is to drink the tea. I definitely will always recommend organic and I love THIS option by traditional medicinals. I will warn you that the taste is a bit strong and earthy, but over time you will get used to it. I purchase a 6-pack from Amazon (you can but it HERE) for cost-savings but you can also find this tea in your local health store, and even some grocery stores.

If you want to make your own tea simply rinse the greens and roots very well, dry them out (you can do this using a dehydrator or use an oven to heat at a very low temperature), cut them up as finely as possible (or use a food processor), pour hot water over them, let them steep for 5 minutes and then drain the water into a tea cup. 

9. Dandelion Root Coffee
Has anyone tried this? In researching for this blog post I came across THIS recipe and am curious about it for those coffee-lovers in my life. Any thoughts?

And a fun note... did you know that White Sulpher Springs, West Virginia actually has a "Dandelion Festival" each year? True story! You can find out more about it HERE if you live close by! 

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