Kennebunkport, Maine

November 6, 2015

On our 2nd full day of cruising we arrived in Portland, Maine and after spending some time in Portland, and at the gorgeous Portland Head Lighthouse, we next went on to Kennebunkport, Maine. I have to say that Kennebunkport is one of my favorite places that I have ever visited and am already day dreaming of a future trip. It was simply adorable and so quaint y'all. 

On the way to to Kennebunkport Michelle and I had a great time chatting and seeing the pretty views on the drive to the town.
The beautiful Maine coast was gorgeous even in the fog and clouds.
One of the most interesting houses that we saw on the way to Kennebunkport was the "Wedding Cake House". It is known as the "most photographed house" in the state of Maine. 
When we arrived in Kennebunkport I immediately fell in love. It was absolutely adorable.
Kennebunkport, Maine has a fantastic and interesting history. Most people associate Kennebunkport as the summer home of former US President George H. Bush. President Bush was known to often invite famous world leaders to Kennebunkport and former US President George W Bush also invited some world leaders to this area. The Bush compound is located on Walkers Point. According to our tour guide the Bush family is well loved in Kennebunkport and recently the town named a garden in Barbara Bush's honor for her birthday.

The tour that we were on did include a drive by past the Bush's home, but due to the cloudy day and fog we were only able to see a little bit of the home. This picture below is from one of the Kennebunkport websites from a clear day, taken from above the home so that you can see an airel view. 
Besides the history of the Bush family in Kennebunkport, there is a rich history that began in the late 1600's. Kennebunkport was apart of the Massachusetts Bay Colony but due Indian depredations, the town was depopulated by 1689 and was not settled again by Europeans until the early 1800s. At this time the town was renamed Arundel until 1821 when the town was renamed again, this time to Kennebunkport. The choice of the rename was due to the economy being one of shipbuilding and trade along the Kennebunkport River.

By the later 1800s, close to around 1870 the town became a popular summer destination with lots of homes and hotels built along the coastline. In 1947 much of Kennebunkport was affected by the Great Firs of 1947 and much of the housing had to be rebuilt along the certain parts of Kennebunkport.

Today the town of Kennebunkport is a popular tourist destination in different seasons including the summer and at Christmas when the there are special seasonal and holiday activities.
When we arrived in Kennebunkport we had not eaten lunch and we were looking for something yummy and yet quick so that we could spend some time enjoying the lovely town. After seeing the wait at several other restaurants, we ended up eating lunch at the Hurricane Restaurant in Kennebunkport and it was absolutely delicious! Honestly, I can't recommend this enough. The Hurricane Restaurant is located right in Dock Square and is easy to walk to from any part of Dock Square. What is really interesting is that the dining room literally sits on pilings and hangs over the Kennebunk River. The view from anywhere you sit in the dining room is lovely. While they didn't offer a gluten free menu, the chef was delightful to work with and I had a delicious meal and so I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has food sensitivities. If you are in the area and are looking to find out more information about the Hurricane Restaurant you can find their website HERE!

After we ate our delicious lunch we had a lovely time exploring some of the different shops along the town square. One of the first stops that I made was to the local pharmacy that had the cutest sign outside. While I was on the hunt for some much needed medical supplies for the cruise, I was enamoured with all of the adorable items that were inside. It was so cute!
The shopping in the town square is simply lovely. While it has a little bit of tourist options, it is also very quaint and I didn't feel that I was simply seeing tourist things, but instead there were lots of local aritisan creations and it was so fun to look around at the different shops. Walking around the town square was simply lovely, especially with the surrounding view of the Kennebunk River.
If you are looking to travel to Kennebunkport and want to find out more about the different shops along the town square and in the surrounding area this website HERE will provide lots of information!
Seeing Kennebunkport in the fall was wonderful but it has only made me want to revisit this special town again! Have y'all visited the Kennebunkport before? If not, I definitely recommend adding it to your list of "must see" travel places! You won't regret it!

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