Aquatica- SeaWorld's Waterpark, Florida

February 28, 2017

Back in September, before my sister and I went on our Disney Cruise we spent a day at Disneyworld but we also were able to spend a couple of hours at Aquatica - SeaWorld's Waterpark. Ever since a trip to Florida in 2009 my sister and I have taled about going to Aquatica - SeaWorld's Waterpark and so it was so fun to surprise my sister with tickets to the park as a belated birthday present.
My sister and I love waterparks and always have. We laugh that we want to visit all of the major water parks and have been able to visit several and it has been so fun. I shared about how we visited Atlantis Aquaventure on the Disney cruise and it was incredibly fun, and we really enjoyed our time at Aquatica

Aquatica is a fun and family friendly water park that features lots of different slides (including some "tamer ones" and ones that are not for the faint of heart- hello the one that releases the ground below you!) and a fun "lazy" river (Roa's Rapids) that was really one of our favorite things. 
We started with "Roa's Rapids" which is a twist on the lazy river concept. Honestly we did this several times, because it was just a lot of fun. 
This is a fun family friendly ride and it had some surprises that made the ride a bit different and really enjoyable. It was a favorite and if the weather hadn't closed down the park, we probably would have ridden it again! 
After riding Roa's Rapids, we headed over to Loggerhead Lane to ride the lazy river on the tubes. It was fun and so relaxing and one of the things that we loved the most was that you could ride the tubes to different rides on this lazy river.
We were even able to see some of the animals as we floated along!
So after we had rode the Loggerhead Lane for a bit we took our tubes up to ride some of the rides.
One of the first rides that we did was Tassie's Twisters which is a really fun and different waterpark ride.
Basically you ride in a tube and you go through a dark part of the tunnel until you are shot out into this giant bowl where you spin and spin and spin until finally you drop through a hole which shoots you back into the lazy river.
We did this ride several times because it was hilarious and kept making us laugh! After this ride we headed to the dolphin plunge and honestly I don't even know how to describe it because it went by so fast that we definitely didn't see any dolphins but we definitely got a good laugh out of it! 
After this we headed over to Hoo Roo Run and this ride also made us giggle a lot. Basically you soar down a 6-story, 250-foot, triple drop water ride on a huge tube. Emily and I went by ourselves and our tube got turned around and so Emily ended up going backwards with me landing on top of her at the end of the ride. *hahaha* We couldn't stop laughing and we definitely loved this ride. 

Unfortunately due to weather Aquatica closed down a bit early, but we definitely had a blast and we said that we would definitely return to do this waterpark again! 

Here are a couple of tips and thoughts about Aquatica if you are interested in visiting this when you are in Orlando:

1. One of the things that my sister and I enjoyed about Aquatica the most was the fact that there were a lot of rides that could be done together or as a family. We love experiencing the rides together so this was a really neat thing about Aquatica specifically that is not always available at different waterparks. 
2. Another thing that we thought was neat was that there were kids areas by some of the more adventuresome rides. This area in the picture above, the walkabout waters was right in front of the Hoo Roo Run and it was fun to see families waving to each other and all having fun as different family members experienced different parts of the park.

3. Traveling in September like we did was an excellent time to enjoy Aquatica . The park was not that crowded and we never waited more than 5 minutes to go on a ride. It was truly a wonderful time to go visit if you can!

4. The most cost-effective way to enjoy Aquatica is by purchasing the tickets online which you can do at the Aquatica website by clicking HERE. They constantly have different sales going on and it is by far the cheapest way to visit instead of purchasing them elsewhere. 
SeaWorld & Aquatica - Two parks.  One great deal.

If you are interested in combining the tickets to also visit SeaWorld there is a great deal going on right now which you can click the picture above to receive. 

5. Aquatica definitely was set up to be as disability friendly as possible. If you are interested in finding out more, Aquatica has a disability guide which you can read HERE

I hope you enjoyed reading this review of Aquatica! We had such a delightful time and as I write and remember all of the fun and laughter I want to go back and do it all over again! Please let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Woah! This looks amazing. They don't have anything like this where I live.

    1. Candace,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! Aquatica is a GREAT place to visit - if you have a chance I definitely recommend visiting it if you head to Orlando! Thanks for taking the time to comment and to stop by!

      PS - I would have loved to email you back directly but you are a "no reply blogger". I hope to connect with you more in the future!