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December Caravan Etsy Shop Affiliate Program Opportunity

Happy Saturday friends! 

Today I am so excited to share about the new December Caravan Etsy Shop Affiliate Program! My Etsy shop creates unique & beautiful journals, altered books, buntings, scrapbooks, cards, artwork, memory pieces and family treasures out of everyday materials to inspire joy and hope in every part of life through handmade creations. I am looking for people to join the affiliate program who have a passion for sharing about small businesses and about these items.
How will the affiliate program work?
If you are chosen to be an affiliate member you will receive a special discount coupon code (10% off) for your community. Any time that someone uses this discount code you will receive rewards.

Rewards can be distributed in two different forms: cash through PayPal or credit for the shop. If you choose to be paid in cash you will receive 5% of the total sales of those who used your coupon for the month and you will be paid on the 1st of the following month. If you choose to be paid in store credit you will receive 10% of the total sales of those who used your coupon for the month and you will receive that credit on the 1st of the following month (for store credit you must use the store credit within a 3-month period or it will be void).
How will I be paid?
Please see above.

Please note the following:
*you must choose your rewards distribution quarterly and once you choose it can’t be changed for that quarter.
*for store credit it must be used within a 3-month period of when it is issued or it will be void.

Please note that because my Etsy shop does not hit a tax threshold at this time you will not need to fill out any tax forms. If this changes in the future you will be contacted immediately.
Are there any additional benefits?
You will receive a “welcome” package filled with fun items from the shop as a small thank you for your time and being apart of the December Caravan Etsy Shop Family. Four times a year I will be sending affiliates a surprise package filled with lots of special goodies from the shop as a special way of saying thank you.

In addition to this I have created “affiliate incentives”: Once you hit the following goals your rewards will increase for the entire time that you are an affiliate.

$500 in sales from those who have used your coupon
You will receive 10% cash rewards or 15% Store Credit

$1000 in sales from those who have used your coupon
You will receive 10% cash rewards or 20% Store Credit

$2500+ in sales from those who have used your coupon
You will receive 10% cash rewards AND 20% Store Credit
Is there any specific requirements that I need to do if I am chosen as an affiliate?
Affiliates are free to share as little or as much as they would like throughout each month. The more that you share and the more that your community purchases the more rewards that you will make. Please note that in order to gain rewards your special coupon must be used.
How can I sign up?
If you are interested please send me an email with the following information:
*Your Name
*Why You are Interested in Being an Affiliate Member
*Any Additional Information You Would Like Me to Know

I will be in touch within 1-2 weeks after I receive your information. Have questions? Please feel free to email me.
Happy Saturday again friends! I hope that you have a day with friends and loved ones! 


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