Rejoice (Christmas Card 2016)

December 22, 2016

“The Light still shines in the darkness and the darkness has never extinguished it.”
- John 1:5-

Warmest Wishes for a Wonderful Christmas and Prayers and Love for a Beautiful New Year!

As we approach this sweet holiday season of celebrating the birth of our precious Savior, I am truly in awe of God's grace to meet us each new day. Everyday I see His goodness and am so grateful for your sacrificial love of time in prayer, financial gifts, hours upon hours of listening to my fears and hopes, encouraging words, beautiful messages and cards, and gifts of grace that have truly spoken to the depths of God's love. While I understand that I have a long road in front of me yet, I weep with gratitude to see the ways that the Lord is surely answering prayers and healing me.

I was recently reading through an old journal of mine from the first year of this health journey. I had written down the following saying: "no matter the circumstance we are still under the same auspice". What a beautiful reminder at this Christmas season. No matter our circumstances we can rest in the knowledge that we are not forgotten or abandoned. We can find inspiration, encouragement, and hope in this season as we celebrate the birth of our King as the true light. May you be abundantly blessed by His love, joy, comfort, and most of all His peace this season and in the new year to come!

With Lots of Love,

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