Come Join the Self-Published Books Pinterest Group Board

December 28, 2016

Good Morning friends! I hope that y'all are having a wonderful day! This post today is for all of y'all who have taken the leap and completed one of the most difficult things- writing a book and self-publishing it. It takes an incredible amount of time, energy, and passion to accomplish this goal. I well understand the amount of yourself and your heart that you pour into this and once it is completed your job is only just beginning as you work to market your book!

I love supporting those who have worked hard on their dream so I created a "self-published books group board" on Pinterest where you can share all about your book! I would love to have you join! If you have self-published a book or an e-book please go HERE to find out how you can easily share about your book on Pinterest to gain more attention and freely spread the word about your book! I look forward to connecting with y'all more in this setting!

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Stay tuned because in the next couple of weeks I am sharing about classes I will be offering this coming year, INCLUDING classes on marketing tips for self-published authors and many other exciting classes! 


  1. So many talented writers don't get discovered. Thanks so much for this resource to help.

    1. Julie,

      I definitely agree with you! Marketing for authors is one of the hardest thing- in many ways we have such great opportunities because of the internet and in other ways it can be harder because the internet is such a BIG space. I am excited to connect and offer as many resources as I can! If you want more tips please feel free to sign up for the CARAVAN SONNET INSIDER on the left column! :)

      Also- Coming soon I will be offering classes and more items for authors but in the meantime you can check out this Pinterest Board full of tips I have written about for authors and writers for marketing tips if you are interested:
      :) Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!
      Rebecca :)
      PS- I would love to have emailed you a response to this comment but unfortunately didn't have your email address. I hope to connect more in the future!

  2. Replies
    1. Glad to have you and other authors join! Anyone who has self-published is welcome! :)