Speaking on Marketing and Promotion for Indie Authors

October 17, 2016

This past weekend was absolutely wonderful! As I had shared last month I had the lovely opportunity to be apart of Indie Author Day (a national event that took place in libraries across the country and some around the world!). The main event was scheduled for October 8th, but like some of the other libraries around the world we had to postpone the event and we gathered this past Saturday, the 15th. 

The drive down to Tivoli Free Library was absolutely stunning. The mountains are full of exquisite color and we spent the entire time saying- "oooh, look at that- it's gorgeous!" It was an absolute gift to see such beauty and an extra little blessing for the drive!

As I shared on my Instagram page it was an absolutely lovely time connecting with other writers and authors and having the opportunity to share about promotion and marketing for Indie Authors.
photo credit: Veronica, Tivoli Free Library
Marketing and Promotion are two areas that I am definitely passionate about speaking about as I have had to learn so much these last several years through trial and error. It is so lovely to encourage others and to share some tips that have been helpful for me!
photo credit: Veronica, Tivoli Free Library
It was also a lovely opportunity to connect and learn from other authors. The picture above makes me giggle as I look shocked by something Thomm was saying, but honestly Indie Publishing can be shocking so this is a realistic shot! *smiles* *hahahaha*
photo credit: Veronica, Tivoli Free Library
As I said above, it was an absolutely lovely time speaking and connecting with others who are in this same field and who are day by day, month by month, year by year, continuing to press forward. Writing and Publishing can be extremely hard and yet for me this journey has been incredible. A lot of hard work and a lot of learning, but simply incredible. 

It was an absolutely lovely day and weekend! Thank you again so much to Tivoli Free Library and Veronica Stork for arranging this and having me be apart of this event!!

What about y'all? What did you do this weekend?


  1. Unfortunately I had a bit of food poisoning Saturday but luckily those awful effects only lasted one day. Had a much nicer restful Sunday. Glad this event well well. Yay Indie Authors!

    1. So sorry to hear that you struggled with food poisoning on Saturday! That is definitely the worst! Hope that you are feeling completely restored now and are having a wonderful beginning of the week!