Disney Dream 6192 Stateroom Review

October 14, 2016

Today I am so excited to share about our Disney Dream stateroom because it was so amazing y'all! Seriously- every time that I cruise in the future on the Disney Dream this is the stateroom I will be picking because it was AMAZING.
Disney Dream 6192 stateroom is a Catogory 05E which is a Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah. Disney describes the room as having deck furniture and lights, plexiglass railings and childproof locks. In addition the room features a queen-size bed with underneath storage and in wall dresser and drawer space, a spacious living space with a desk and a single convertible sofa bed (the room sleeps four technically so an upper Pullman style bunk bed can also be used). The Mattruess is a Sealy Posturepedic Premium Plush Euro-top mattress. Each stateroom also has a privacy curtain to separate the living and sleep area, individual cimate control, a full length mirro, hair dryer, 100% 300 thread count egyptian cotton linens and premium bath towers.There is a private split bathroom with a vanity/sink and a shower/tub in the full bathroom and a vanity/sink in the half bathroom. This stateroom also has phone with voice-mail messaging, 22 inch swivel LCD flat screen television, iPod docking station, refrigerator, in-room safe, and ample closet space.
So as I said at the beginning this state room was seriously amazing. On previous cruising experiences I have had, I have stayed in a middle room with an ocean view room and a forward room with a balcony. Both of these experiences were on different cruise lines so I can't compare that part, but I can say that for me this was absolutely perfect. 
The stateroom was incredibly spacious, was decorated so cutely, and the set up was absolutely lovely. A couple of things that I loved about the room: 

(1) The ability to store your suitcases under the bed.
There is tons of room to fit even a full size suitcase under the bed which is wonderful because it allows you to get it out of the way after you have unpacked.
(2) The Ample Drawer and Dresser Space.
Many times in cruise cabins it can almost become a race to see who can unpack first (*smiles*) to make sure that you have enough space for your clothes and other belongings. It was totally the opposite with this cabin. There was so much drawer space that we had tons of empty drawers! 

(3) The Split Bathrooms
Having a split bathroom was absolutely lovely. It truly allows you to have privacy and still be able to allow the other person to get ready or shower. It was lovely. 

(4) Having a Shower and Tub
Many times in cruise cabins there is only a teeny tiny shower but in this cabin room there was a tub and a shower that was full size. It was really a wonderful treat and just felt like a bit of extra luxury for the room. 
(5) Having a Privacy Curtain.
The privacy curtain is a wonderful addition that Disney has added into all of their staterooms. It makes it perfect for those who are traveling with friends or groups and gives you the feeling of having your own space. Another thing that was wonderful about it was the privacy curtain is pretty thick so it kept light out which is wonderful for parents traveling with children or friends who may want to stay up a bit later than others.
(6) The Beautiful Extended Balcony
The balcony was one of my favorite parts of the room. It is a huge balcony- and provided us with several chairs (2 lounge and 2 sitting) and allowed us to have the most gorgeous views day and night. 
The way that we could see the vast ocean was simply stunning- it was absolutely breath-taking. If you are a photographer or just love the ocean this is definitely the room that you will want!
Even at night we were in awe of the most beautiful stars and views. One evening we saw a storm in the distance- it was awe-inspiring. Absolutely gorgeous.
Before I chose this room I had done a lot of research on the different reviews of this particular stateroom. One of the criticisms of the room was the flag pole that is in the middle of the back part of the balcony. Honestly this never was an issue for us.
To take pictures we would just step to one side or the other and we were still able to get the full paneramic view. It was spectacular. As a final note- some of the reviews said that you would hear the flag being raised (we honestly never did!)
Being in the very far aft of the ship (literally the last stateroom on the ship on the 6th floor!) was also a blessing in some additional ways in relation to our trip:

(1) It was incredibly quiet.
In fact (and I am cringing admitting this!) we were unfortunately too tired to attend the Pirates Party and Fireworks off the boat the night that this took place. I know, I know. I am totally shaking my head too. But unfortunately it was just the case. We went back to our room, joked about being woken up by the fireworks and thought we would wander down to see them when we heard them. Imagine our surprise when we woke up the next morning and had NEVER heard them. Hahaha! So seriously, it is an incredibly quiet room!

(2) A Great Room for Those Who Struggle with Motion Sickness
We literally felt nothing. I do admit  that you will feel the motors a bit in this room, but nothing that is difficult to handle or will prevent you from getting great sleep. 
(3) You have the First and Last Views of the Ports
On our cruise for the ports that we stopped at (Nassau and Castaway Cay) the ship backed in so we actually were the first ones to see the beautiful views and also had the opportunity to see the last few moments of these special places! Absolutely gorgeous!
Finally, a little example of the extras on Disney *smiles*. Not only will you get a different towel animal, but you will also receive chocolate each night. Such a cute addition to the typical towel animal seen on cruises!

I hope that this review has been helpful of the Disney Dream 6192 Stateroom! Please let me know if you have any questions! I would be happy to answer them!


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  2. We have this stateroom for our upcoming cruise, so I'm checking out what people have to say. Thank you for the great details!

    1. Really? You will LOVE it. It seriously is a WONDERFUL room!! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!!

      Blessings, Rebecca :)