Port of Nassau, Bahamas

October 19, 2016

Today I am so excited to share some pictures from the Port of Nassau. As far as cruising in the Caribbean is concerned, Nassau is one of the famous and most popular destinations.
Nassau is the capital of the commonwealth of the Bahamas. Nassau is also the largest city on the New Providence Island. As I mentioned above, tt is a famous and well-traveled cruise ship stop for those taking a short or long Caribbean Cruise. 
What you may find surprising (as I did) is that Nassau is actually very close to the United States, as it is only 180 miles off the coast of Miami, Florida. 
The history of Nassau is very intriguing and is the tale of many 17th century tales including those of pirates who dominated the area before "proper" civilization was restored to Nassau in the 1700s. 
As I shared the last time that I visited Nassau (in 2014) you can see vibrant colors in the building and throughout the city if you venture off the boat.
But honestly, you don't even have to venture far to see the colorful buildings and the charm of the city as you will witness it from the ship and as you step off to go on your port adventures.
The Port of Nassau will draw you in immediately and you will feel and see the beautiful Caribbean culture from the moment the ship is docked.
If you are looking for a close but beautiful Caribbean adventure than you will want to add the Port of Nassau to your list of cruising stops! You won't regret it!
What about you? Have you visited the Port of Nassau? What is your favorite thing to do on the Island?

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