Boarding the Disney Dream

October 8, 2016

Our Embarkation Day aboard the Disney Dream was absolutely magical. Honestly, it was the easiest, quickest, most relaxed, and fun embarkation experience that I have had on all of the cruises that I have gone on. Typically Embarkation Day can be a bit harried but Disney does it right. From the moment that we were dropped at the entrance by Lots of Honor staff it was a dream. 
We were all smiles as we prepared to go through security! Security for those who are curious was the easiest and least line I have ever waited for when getting on to a cruise ship. It was really thought out well, was efficient and quick, and we quickly went through and up the escalator to check in which was also a breeze. Less than a 5 minute wait later we were ready to board the ship!
As you step off the gangway onto the ship you are met with many Disney Dream staff members clapping and welcoming you aboard. They will ask for your name and they announce you over the intercom of the ship as you step onto the ship. It is so cute and so Disney and absolutely magical.

We quickly headed to our stateroom to drop off our carry-ons and were amazed at the room and our gorgeous views! The rest of our day was spent grabbing a yummy lunch, attending the muster station drill, the embarkation send-off, getting ready for dinner, dinner, and seeing a Disney show. It was a full and beautiful day! 
If you are interested in details about my boarding outfit you can read a post about it here!
Like I said at the beginning, boarding the Disney Dream was wonderful and one of the best embarkation experiences I have ever had. Have you ever sailed on Disney? What was your favorite part about boarding?


  1. Haaaaa! I have a boarding story! (Not on Disney, but still.) We went on a cruise for our honeymoon. We went straight from our reception to the airport, flew to Barcelona via Paris, so it was evening of the 12th when we embarked, and we hadn't really slept since we woke up early on the 11th to get hitched. I was crying and begging Ethan to just let us skip the safety drill so we could sleeeeeep! Fortunately, he's the more logical spouse and knew that's not a thing you can possibly skip, so after I combed three cans worth of hairspray out of my hair, we staggered out and behaved ourselves for the drill before we collapsed in an exhausted heap. ;-)

    1. Hahahaha! Oh my word I don't think that I knew that y'all had gone on a cruise for your honeymoon! Who did you sail with and where did y'all go? Hahaha! This story is classic! Thanks for sharing friend! :)
      Blessings, Rebecca :)