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October 22, 2016

I am so excited to have a dear friend and hero of mine sharing on the blog today her heart and her words of encouragement and truth. It is hard to put into adequate words the impact that Mallory has had on my life and in my journey with Lyme Disease. I am so excited to have her sharing her heart today!!  
"God can use you wherever you are"

Let's get real for a minute.

The mundane routines of day to day life make it really easy to feel lost. To feel unimportant. To feel purpose-less. To question "What on Earth am I here for?"

Comparison is such a thief.

We look at pictures, posts of exciting lives full of travel, food, riches, and people who seem to have so much direction. Wow, that person looks super important... And I feel super ordinary.

I used to think that God would never use me in a meaningful way. I thought that my typical Christian testimony and blessed life didn't have enough "umph" to make an impact for the kingdom. Only those who have walked through fire and come out on the other side, shouting their testimony riddled with abuse, addiction, and the rescue of a loving savior could make a difference.

I thought that without traveling the world, serving on various missions, snuggling orphans, feeding the starving people of a foreign nation-- God wasn't using me.

Now, I do have a platform. I have a CRAZY story. I have seen, felt, received multiple miracles from above. I have survived the impossible because of HIS strength. I'm actually one of those people with a powerful testimony (that's still being written)...Does that mean God can use me now? Does that suddenly make me more important than I was before?

Yes...also... No.

Having a story of suffering & despair, one I would never wish upon anyone, does not make my impact for the Kingdom more important than it was when I was healthy & strong leading an active life.

This story gives me a way to share, know, and love Jesus with a perspective that I would not otherwise understand. And I have made the choice to trust that God can do something amazing with it... He totally has.

In the last 2.5 years I have been isolated from the world, people, life and experiences beyond what I can even tell you. In that time, God has miraculously led me to witness, encourage, and share His love with more people than I EVER did in all my 20 years of health and thriving life.

His purpose, plan, hand in my life is OBVIOUS. God is with me, before me, around me. He is preparing me for something incredible. I just know it. I feel it in my soul as the Holy Spirit speaks beautiful purpose into my heart.

But right now, I'm not able. I'm still quite isolated from the world. Struggling with recovery, sickness, lack of independence, strength, and ability to complete normal tasks. Nonetheless, God is able to use me in these ordinary, quiet times.

In the mundane, in the everyday sideline that can feel lost, without direction and without purpose... in which my heart is SO READY to play yet my Coach is reassuring me that it's not game time... I'm confident that God is doing SOMETHING IMPORTANT.
And looking back at my 20 years of ordinary life, I can see God working in all aspects.

Child of God, dear loved one, God is working in your life too.

Through the boring days. Through the bad days. Through the sin-filled days and the obedient ones, too. Through the most joyful times and through the deepest depressions. In your daily job, among your family and friends, around your coworkers, at the grocery store, at the gym, at the hair salon & through your social media presence. God is at work everywhere you are.
Are you longing for a purpose? Do you desire to be used? 

There is no exclusive club, no requirement needed to be a chosen one. Today I encourage you to truly open your heart to the Lord. Give Him your past, your present and your future. Give Him authority to use you in whatever way He sees fit...then obey when you feel Him leading and promoting. Pray for the words to say, the humility to serve, and the convictions to want His Will above all. Every season of life has a purpose and a time and an importance in the realm of eternity. Strive for joy wherever you are today and take heart, knowing you are on this Earth for a job beyond all understanding.

Wow, you are so important.
A huge thank you to Mallory for sharing her heart and her life and her encouragement to all of us. You are such a treasure Mallory! If you want to connect more with Mallory you can find her blog HERE and her Instagram page HERE.

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