a brief update from California

June 17, 2016

I posted this on my instagram feed  last night and wanted to share a brief update from California on the blog also:

Thank you for all of your prayers for the last two days. It has been a whirlwind of appointments and information, quiet laughter and tears, tests and more appointments and adjusting to lots of different things. After consulting with my medical team and the surgeon we will be moving forward with port surgery on Tuesday and I will begin a series of test dosing different IV meds tomorrow over the next few days. I also have inherited a very intense treatment plan. As I looked out on the view back to the hotel I admit that more tears flowed freely...a quiet understanding of many things, including a new season of trust and surrender. Thank you for your thoughts, your sweet notes and phone calls, and most of all your prayers. Thank you for your patience and understanding in my delayed responses as these days are long and filled as I am adjusting. Thank you for your love and most of all prayers. You are a gift. 

"It takes courage, humiliating courage to step aside from your own sovereignty and imagined control and begin looking for the gift that comes unmerited. Yes, I’m talking about grace. Grace by my definition is the gift that comes unearned. In a world of unbelievably able bodies, where new diets are fashioned every day to keep my brand of story away, it is hard to realize you may be living in the middle of the best story ever told.

-Kara Tippetts-

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