July 4, 2015

"Freedom is never free." What a sobering and true statement. I received this flag from a soldier I supported through AAP (Adopt-a-Platoon) last year & have literally carried it with me as it reminds me of the heroes that are tirelessly fighting for our country. I have been with AAP for 10 years this July & each soldier I interact with reminds me how much our military does for our country and for places around the world. "M", thank you again for changing my life and for this tangible reminder of sacrificial freedom. To all of the 37 soldiers (and their families) that I have met through AAP you know who you are and you have my gratitude & humble thanks. For sweet friends who sacrifice so much as their loved ones have served and continue to serve our country, we celebrate you and the freedom that you help ensure for our country today, tomorrow, and every day. Thank you so much. Happy July 4th weekend dear friends!

(This post was taken from my instagram account but wanted to share with you my sweet readers and friends. Praying for each of you.)

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