The Blue Hues of Lake Champlain

July 31, 2015

Happy July 31st y'all! This past month has been absolutely gorgeous. If we are connected on instagram then you have seen some of the absolute beautiful skies and lake days that we have been experiencing. There are so many different blue hues that we have seen on Lake Champlain this summer:

(1) There is the rainy sky "blue" that we have witnessed on and off this summer. We have joked that everyone should start closing everything up around 3 o'clock everyday as the storms seem to roll in around that time right on cue.

(2) There is the "blue" that beautifully glimmers with sun drops as it gently crashes on the rocks on the shore.

(3) There is the lovely blue that highlights the dark green needles from the white and red pine trees.

(4) There is the "blue" of the sky and clouds reflecting on the lake on sweet summer days.

(5) Finally, there is the midnight "blue" that illuminates a beautiful moon as it did last night and seems to say "goodnight" to the lovely long summer days.
What about for y'all? Where do you see blue in your days?


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    1. ​Thank you so much Nina! You are so sweet with your encouraging comments!! I hope that you are having a wonderful Friday!
      Rebecca :)​