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January 28, 2013

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During my first graduate program I had the amazing opportunity to live in a "military town". I had always had a high respect for the military and the way that our service men and women serve our country, but after living in a military town my respect grew in leaps and bounds. I had the opportunity to meet, work with, teach kids of, and life life with military families. It was such an honor and I was incredibly inspired by each person who I met who sacrificed so much to serve and protect our country. I wanted to find a small way to tangibly thank those who were serving and I was introduced (through a former student) to the organization Adopt-A-Platoon. While I have volunteered with other organizations over the years I have been so honored to be apart of Adopt-A-Platoon. I am in my 9th year of being a pen pal and have had the privilege and honor to support over 27 soldiers through the pen pal adoption program. What an honor! If you are looking for a way to support our service men and women then I highly recommend looking up Adopt-A-Platoon. There are different opportunities for everyone that require a variety of different time commitments. HERE is the website if you are interested.

The soldier that I have been supporting for the past 5 months is almost halfway done with this tour! {Yea!} "R's" birthday is coming up in the next month and knowing that he loved beef jerky I thought it would be fun to send an entire box of beef jerky. {By the way every soldier that I have supported since 2004 has loved beef jerky so if you are looking for something to send try that! *smiles*} Of course I wanted the inside to look festive so I put sparkly, fancy paper for the bottom of the box and then cut out comics for the sides. Yes, I justified the comics made the box look more "manly" *smiles*
The beef jerky looked a little plain to me so I decided to add some simple tags and ribbon to each bag with a variety of different "happy birthday" sayings.
I purchased the white and kraft tags at Michael's and then used some gold and brown stickles to make them more "happy looking". I found brown and blue ribbon at Michael's that I added to the tags and then attached them to each beef jerky bag.
After I attached each tag to each bag I put them in the box and then boxed it up and it is ready to send out!
Thank You again to ALL of our service men and women (and to their families) for your incredible sacrifice for our country!

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