January 29, 2013

Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet BlogCaravan Sonnet Blog
One of the (unexpected) blessings of moving back to my parents home has been having the opportunity to reconnect with a couple of high school friends. The honest truth is that I have lost touch with many everyone from high school days. Since I graduated a few years many years ago I have lived in four different states that were many hours away with few trips home over the years. The times that I was in town I wanted to soak up every second I could with my family and didn't invest time to stay connected with old friends. Let's be honest- facebook was not something that we had access to when we graduated (yes, I do realize how old that makes me sound ;)) and overtime I lost touch with many high school friends. So after moving back it was such a wonderful blessing to reconnect with a couple of girls from "high school days". Originally we planned to get together for one lunch date but this has developed into a monthly lunch where we share with each other what God is doing, lots of laughter, prayer requests, encouragement, and just sharing how our lives are going. Thank you "M" and "S" for the delightful opportunity to reconnect! Here's to many more lunches together! See you in February! *smiles*

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