Top Tips To Pick Out A Wedding Venue In 2024

February 8, 2024

 When shopping for a wedding venue, this tends to be one of the more costly areas for planning a wedding. It’s the main showstopper aside from the wedding dress and outfits, so it needs to look the part and cater to everything you need for your big day.

With that being said, here are some top tips to pick out a wedding venue for your wedding in 2024, whether it’s last minute or it’s a few years from now.

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Set a budget

First and foremost, set your budget. What are you planning to spend your money on when it comes to your wedding day? The venue tends to be the most expensive of all your expenditures, aside from your catering.

The more guests you have, the more expensive it becomes as you need to cater to that amount of people in relation to the size of the venue.

Wedding venues are something to be mindful of, so make sure you prioritize your search so that it gets ticked off the list sooner.

Consider where in the country or world you’d like to marry

Where in the country, would you like to get married? Perhaps you’d like to marry abroad? It’s useful to consider where in the world you’d like to say ‘I do’ because there are plenty of places to consider, all of which will vary in price, experience, and more.

Look at your options when it comes to the budget available and how flexible your guests can be when it comes to jetting off for a wedding. Some guests might be happy to pay, while others might not want to spend that kind of money.

Have your own personal checklist

A personal checklist is something that’s worth having, especially when it comes to planning a wedding. After all, every wedding is different from the next, meaning what you have included in your wedding venue will look different to the next couple.

You might want to have plenty of outdoor space for the purpose of photography or you might be more interested in the type of venue, such as a barn conversion or a big tent set up in the middle of nowhere.

Check what’s included in the package deal

What do you get from the package deal? Every wedding venue is going to have something different and therefore, it’s usual to know what’s included in the price you’ll pay. What are you getting as part of the day? 

Perhaps there’s a car included to take the bride to and from the bridal suite, or wherever they’re getting married. You may get a certain amount of food and drink included in the package. Search for the best wedding venues that offer some of the best packages.

Does it accommodate all your desired guests?

Will the wedding venue accommodate all of the guests you want to invite? There’s no point in picking a venue if only half of your guests will be able to fit in it! 

Make sure you’ve considered all of the above when it comes to picking a wedding venue in 2024.

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