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February 10, 2024


caravan sonnet top 5

Happy Saturday friends! I hope that you had a wonderful first full week of February! Today I am excited to share the top 5 items that y'all have loved the most from the Caravan Sonnet Shoppe this week! THANK YOU so much for ALL of your support of the shoppe! 

caravan sonnet

Before I start- did you get a chance to download the FREE guide for 100 currently profitable digital products and course topic ideas that I have shared about? You can click HERE to download it! 

Now for top 5 best sellers of last week:

Finding an Apartment
Price: $3.75
You can read a blog post all about this resource HERE!

Powerpoint Contains 16 Powerpoint Slides with colorful, animated, engaging, and educational sections on Finding an Apartment.

*Powerpoint can be easily converted into Google Slides for your convenience

**Powerpoint can be edited to fit the needs of your classroom!

Powerpoint contains the following information:

* Finding and Researching Apartments

* Budgeting for an Apartment

* Financial Aspects of Apartment Living

* 22 Hidden Apartment Costs

* Location Considerations

* Apartment Amenities

* Walk Throughs

* Specific Walk Through Considerations

* Negotiating Rent

* Final Lease Signing

Click HERE to purchase!
Price: $35.00

One of the most WELL loved resources in the shop!!

This bundle includes ALL of the powerpoint presentations and resources with colorful, animated, engaging, and educational sections from the College Life Unit in Personal Finance! With over 135 powerpoint presentation pages/slides/PDFs/Word Document Assignment/Classroom Activities and Keys! (139 to be exact!!) you will be ready to have a foundation to teach this unit in your personal finance class!

When I first started teaching personal finance I wasn't even sure where to begin and lots of the materials that were available that could be found (which was extremely limited) seemed out of date and very boring. Creating these resources for my students helped bring this material alive in new ways and these powerpoints will help be a foundation for your unit also!

*Powerpoints can be easily converted into Google Slides for your convenience

**Powerpoints can be edited to fit the needs of your classroom!

This bundle includes 19 resources and products including:

  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Word Document Classroom Activity/Assignment (includes Political Cartoons)
  • Travel Budget Worksheets (including Cruising Budget!)
  • PDF Document Assignments
  • Answer Keys to Assignments

Click HERE to purchase!

Valentines Day

Price: $3.25
Looking for the 5 STAR RATED Personal Finance Holiday Unit Bundle? Click HERE!

Looking for a simple and yet effective powerpoint to highlight ways to save money during the holidays? This powerpoint is for you! This powerpoint highlights 8 ways to save money on Valentine's Day and includes a special page of what college students thought when asked about how much someone should spend! This resource will help bring creative engagement to your lectures!

Powerpoint Contains 12 Powerpoint Slides with colorful and animated sections on ways to save money on Valentine's Day. This is a fun and interactive topic for students in high school and in college!

*Powerpoint can be easily converted into Google Slides for your convenience

**Powerpoint can be edited to fit the needs of your classroom!

Powerpoint contains the following information:

* 8 Tips to Save Money on Valentine's Day

* One special page on what college students thought about money spent on Valentine's Day

Click HERE to purchase!
Price: $2.75

This resource Contains 9 Powerpoint Slides with colorful, animated, engaging, and educational sections on Creating a Travel Budget! This Powerpoint Presentation contains practical and helpful information to help students make steps to help them choose travel that is right for them and what things to consider when looking at creating a travel budget. It also gives students tips on cheaper flights and accommodations. It will also help you in your discussion of this topic!

This resource will be particularly helpful for all different students who may be coming from a variety of income backgrounds!

This powerpoint is specifically helpful if you are wanting to dive deeper into this financial aspect of this topic, need a substitute filler around this time period or a way to sensitively introduce the concept of travel budget/study abroad for a later unit. However you are using this- this will be a way to help students (and their families!) think about this subject in new ways and help this come alive for your students. This resource will help bring creative engagement to your lectures!

This resources includes the following topics:

  • Creating a Travel Budget
  • Consider Location
  • “Inclusive Getaways” Budget Tips
  • Travel Insurance
  • Paying for Flights
  • How to Save for Your Trip

Looking for additional resources that would go well with this powerpoint? Check out these $1.00 (!!) travel budget worksheets that would pair well with this resource:

Basic Travel Budget Worksheet and Activity Suggestions

Ski Trip Budget Worksheet and Activity Suggestions

Spring Break Budget Worksheet and Activity Suggestions

Cruise Budget Worksheet and Activity Suggestions

Road Trip Worksheet and Activity Suggestions

Click HERE to purchase!

all about investing

Price: $1.00!!

I created this word search and answer key specifically about investing basics. I had searched for one specific to this and couldn't find one so I hope that this can help another teacher!

This 24 term word search printable and answer key features the topics and issues involved and coincides with the All About Investing Powerpoint (you can find it HERE!) that is available in the shoppe! Just looking for a basic investing word search related to this topic and don't need the powerpoint? This will also be a wonderful resource to introduce or use with this topic to your students!

Created for easy instructional use and in PDF version!

This word search is also particularly helpful for time fillers or sponge activities. Whether you are using this for a time filler, a way to help students think about the names in new ways, a sponge activity, a substitute plan, or just looking for this era for history to come alive for your students, this resource will help bring creative engagement to your lectures!

This resource introduces a variety of 24 terms including: 

*Diversity of Investment

*Status Quo

*Aggressive Investor

*Moderate Investor

*Conservative Investor

*Long Term Return

and more!

Comes with an answer key for easy grading!

Click HERE to purchase!
caravan sonnet
So there are the 5 top best sellers from last week! I am so excited to see this week what the top sellers will be! 
from broke teacher to after school success
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I hope by sharing the products that others are finding helpful in case you or a teacher/homeschool mama friend or tutor could find them useful also. If you have purchased something from the shop- would you take a moment to leave a review? Reviews for shops are SO important and I SO appreciate your help and time!

Head on over to the shop (Click HERE) today! Happy Saturday friends!

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