Riverfront Romance: Exploring Richmond’s Riverside

February 22, 2024

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Surprise your loved one with a city break or romantic getaway at any time of the year, so why not
start planning your trip to idyllic Richmond now? Handy to London, and yet with a strong flavour of
the countryside, Richmond is the perfect retreat for any couple looking to spend some quality time
together. Let's look at some of the things you can see and do in lovely Richmond.

Visit Kew Gardens
Where better to wander hand in hand through magnificent gardens, admiring rare and exotic
flowers, tropical trees flourishing in greenhouses and enjoying the sights of the unusual buildings
dotted about the landscape than the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew? An easy commute from your
holiday let –Kew is close to the Tube station, so you can be there in good time for the opening to maximise your time in this beautiful
green setting.

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Hampton Court Palace
An uneasy – and yet, somehow successful – blend of Tudor and Baroque architecture, Hampton
Court Palace was gifted to Henry VIII (he of the six wives) by Cardinal Wolsey to preserve the latters
favoured status with the crown. It quickly become Henry's favourite pied a terre, and he made
extensive expansions so his large retinue could be accommodated at Hampton Court. A later
resident, William III, expanded it still further, obliterating much of the Tudor architecture in favour of
the current Baroque overlay. Today, the excitements of its past are largely forgotten and the palace
is open to the public, making for a delightful and fascinating day out during which time you will learn
a lot about life in the 1400s to the 1700s!

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Richmond Park
Less a park and more a nature reserve, Richmond Park is the largest of the eight Royal Parks in and
around London, and it is a delightful place to spend a day in the outdoors without having to brave
the actual countryside! As well as having many of the features of a nature reserve, the park is
designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Area of Conservation, being home to a
herd of deer since Tudor times as well as supporting a huge array of British flora and fauna. It is also
an incredibly beautiful place to visit, and you will enjoy strolling through the park with your
significant other by your side.

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Twickenham Stadium
The home of English Rugby Union, Twickenham is so much more than a sports arena. The
impressive ground has hosted diverse events, such as American football games, Jehovah's Witness
conventions and music concerts from artists as diverse as Rihanna, the Rolling Stones, and Lady Gaga who's first show at the venue still holds a record for the fastest selling tickets, clocking up an incredible 1,000 sales per second, to sell out 50,625 seats in comfortably less than one minute. The World Rugby Museum is on site and tells the whole story of rugby as a cohesive game, rather than splitting it into League and Union. If you are into rugby as a couple, what better way to pass some time together than by enjoying a Twickenham Tour together, finishing up by browsing in the Museum, before choosing tasteful (or tacky!) gifts for one another in the gift shop?

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