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May 22, 2023

caravan sonnet

Today is a very special day friends and I am so excited to share with y'all a very special new adventure (and update) in the foster care journey that my mom and I are on!

For the last three years as I re-started the process of becoming a foster mama there have been numerous reasons for things to "wait" and be on hold. Time and time again the door seemed to gently close with a "not yet" sign on it. 

There were obvious things that were shared in public (i.e. moving back to Tennessee where we prayerfully considered staying full-time, going back to teaching, moving back to New York, mom's complicated knee surgery, etc.) and several things that were privately being worked through behind the scenes.

As we have settled into New York full-time our hearts have been drawn more and more to helping foster children and those who are needing a haven refuge in our area and in doing so we have welcomed community who is passionately and prayerfully behind us. 

As we work through details of creating, purchasing, and restoring our bungalow and cottages, we have also been planning another dream of creating a boutique for modern and vintage decor and we are so excited to see these two items and dreams merge... which brings us to our exciting announcement of introducing Elizabeth June!

Elizabeth June is a mother-daughter run boutique selling cozy-luxury curated modern and vintage decor.

We are currently creating, purchasing, and restoring a bungalow and cottages where everyone is welcomed and loved and brokenness is healed. As such, all sale proceeds are going to helping us accomplish these items and create a haven for foster children we look forward to welcoming into our home in the future.

We have carefully collected from around the world and curated beautiful cozy-luxury timeless, modern, and vintage pieces for the home.

Named and inspired by the unconditional love of Elizabeth and our amazing (mom) grandmother June, we are so thankful to have you on this journey and joining our community as we follow a dream of creating a loving home to help foster children.

Join the community and the shop on instagram HERE! Our first sale will be held this evening starting at 7pm EST!

Click HERE to follow along and please share with your friends and family who have a passion for helping children in need!

Thank you so much for all of your support and love!

Elizabeth and Rebecca

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