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May 9, 2023

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Happy Tuesday friends! I hope that you are having a wonderful week so far! Today I am excited to share a bit about our stay at the Hyatt Place Atlanta-Norcross-Peachtree in Norcross, Georgia that I recently stayed at for my work conference. When searching for a hotel for my work conference, I wanted something that was a great price, safe and of course, clean. Due to the timing of this conference (there were several major events taking place in the Atlanta area) the choices of hotels were limited and the prices were extremely high. Our conference was actually about an hour and a half (without traffic) away from  I was excited to see that the Hyatt Place Atlanta-Norcross-Peachtree was a very fair price and booked our room! 
caravan sonnet
*picture is the property of Hyatt Place Atlanta-Norcross-Peachtree* 

If you have been around the blog for a while then you know that I have worked with Hyatt in the past and have stayed at different Hyatt properties around the world. I stayed for a total of 3 nights and for the brief time we were there it definitely fit our needs. 

caravan sonnet
*picture is the property of Hyatt Place Atlanta-Norcross-Peachtree* 

I booked a room that had 2 queen beds and one pull out sofa bed which was actually cheaper than just a king bed room. Overall the staff were incredibly nice and welcoming and while I do have a huge reservation about our time, I would recommend the property if you are in the area. 

Hyatt Place Atlanta-Norcross-Peachtree is conveniently located to numerous places that made it convenient for us to travel to and from the airport (approximately 35 minutes away with no traffic), get on different roads to go different destinations, to travel to the conference (about 50 minutes away), go to some different stores in Alpharetta (about 15 minutes away), and also not sit in traffic all the time. We definitely found this to be absolutely true. 

Overall our stay was very nice, but I do have one serious reservation. I had a very early flight in the morning and so I had to leave the hotel at 2:30am. The parking (as you can see above) was not the best for having to leave at this time at night, as a single woman. The lights right near the entrance were lit, but the parking area itself was extremely dark. When I went to leave I asked the gentleman who was at the front desk if I could leave my suitcase near the front door and also if he would watch me walk out to the parking lot since I felt a bit concerned. He was fine with me leaving my suitcase, but said that he couldn't watch me walk out. I was honestly shocked. I have traveled and stayed at Hyatt's around the world and have never had that response when I have to leave in the middle of the night for a very early morning flight. He stayed at the desk and I grabbed my phone and walked out into the dark. I got to my car fine, pulled up the car to the front entrance and went inside to retrieve my suitcase. When I went in, the guy at the front desk made a quip about, "see, nothing to worry about" and I again expressed that it was concerning especially as a single woman. He snorted and walked away as I put my suitcase in the car. Just as I drove out of the parking lot something grabbed my attention. Sure enough there were a group of four men over in a dark area of the side parking lot and they were starting to walk towards me. I quickly locked my doors and drove out of the parking lot and they turned and went back to the area that they had been "hiding" in. After a few minutes of driving, I pulled over into a well lit gas station and attempted to call the front desk to report what had happened and there was no answer. I tried a couple of additional times that morning and never received an answer. 

This was extremely concerning and I have shared my concerns with the hotel property and I appreciate that they will be looking into how make this a safer environment, because honestly during the day it was fine, but that incident was very concerning.

Besides this, the Hyatt Place was a nice place to stay and relatively quiet and very clean. A nice part about this hotel is that they also do have free parking which was a huge bonus. 

For those who are traveling to the Atlanta area the Hyatt Place Atlanta-Norcross-Peachtree might be an option. All of the Hyatt Hotels are smoke free and I found the hotel staff to be pleasant and helpful (with the exception of the very odd nighttime situation). I hope that y'all have found this review of the Hyatt Place Atlanta-Norcross-Peachtree helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this hotel! I would be happy to answer them! 

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