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May 22, 2023


caravan sonnet

Happy Monday friends! I hope that y'all had an amazing weekend! Today I am so excited to share with y'all the third most purchased product in the caravan sonnet shoppe at teachers pay teachers as this school year winds down! This is a resource for personal finance teachers at the high school or college level

If you would like to go directly to this resource you can click HERE!

This Word Document Contains 2 worksheet pages to help students prepare for college and their budgets in college! This would be perfect for a junior/senior high school level finance class. This will work perfectly with the Semester Finance Bundle or any of the Personal Finance Resource section!

The college budget project includes the following things for students to accomplish (also hitting many state standard requirements):

* Bank account for college requirements

* Check writing requirement

* College application fees

* Scholarship Applications

* College experience and complete budget requirements listed

* Pick your top school choice and complete budget requirements listed


This assignment is specifically helpful if you are wanting dive deeper into this financial aspect of college, need a substitute filler around this time period or a way to sensitively introduce the concept of college debt and paying for college for a later unit. However you are using this- this product will be a way to help students (and their families!) think about this subject in new ways and help this come alive for your students. This resource will help bring creative engagement to your lectures!

 Did I mention the absolute best part??

The cost of the assignment resource is only $1.00(!!) and it is a unique resource and can be used every year for your classroom needs!

If you would like to purchase this resource you can find it HERE

Thank you so much for all of your support of the shoppe! If you would like to check out the shoppe you can find it HERE! Thank you again friends! Happy Monday!

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