What’s The Difference Between CBD and Cannabis?

August 16, 2022

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CBD is very popular nowadays. Some people mistake it for cannabis, when in fact CBD is not entirely the same thing. CBD happens to be an extract from the cannabis plant (the same way cod liver oil is an extract from cod). There are different laws regarding it and it has different effects to whole cannabis. This post goes into more details about the differences between CBD and cannabis. 

How is each one consumed?

CBD extract is typically consumed in the form of an oil. This oil can be put into hot drinks or foods, inhaled in a vape or taken by itself via a tincture. There are also tablets and gummy bears containing CBD.

Cannabis can be either eaten or smoked. Cannabis food products are typically known as edibles. It is healthier to ingest cannabis than to smoke it, although the effect can be delayed and much more potent.

Which is legal?

CBD is more widely legal than cannabis. You can find it in many herbal pharmacies around the world and you can typically buy it over the counter.

Cannabis is only legal recreationally in a handful of countries. In many cases, it is only available for medicinal purposes with a doctor’s consent and is age restricted. A number of US states have legalized cannabis in recent years. 

Which will make me high?

CBD contains little to no THC - the chemical that makes you high. Instead, CBD simply offers the relaxing and pain-relieving qualities of cannabis. 

Cannabis contains both CBD and THC and so will make you high. The only exception may be if cannabis is consumed raw - without being dried or heated the THC remains in a non-potent THCA form. This guide at HighProfile explains the difference between THC and THCA.

Which is better for pain relief?

Both CBD and whole cannabis have anti-inflammatory properties, helping to combat pain. CBD creams are available which can provide better targeted pain relief for external pains than cannabis. 

The big difference is that CBD does not make you high. This high can help some people in the way that they perceive pain, in some cases making it easier to manage. 

Which is better for anxiety?

CBD is usually a much better choice if you’re trying to beat anxiety. While the high caused by THC in cannabis can relax some people, others can find that it causes anxiety - particularly paranoia. Generally, the higher the THC level, the more chance there is of developing anxiety. As a result, low THC strains are better for reducing anxiety as the THC does not cancel out the CBD’s relaxing qualities. CBD is generally a safer option if you don’t want to risk making your anxiety worse. It is also much more appropriate if you’re doing a practical task in which being high could be a danger (e.g. driving).

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