January 2022 Book, Movie, and TV Review

January 28, 2022

 caravan sonnet

Happy Friday friends! It is hard to believe that we are bringing this first month of the 2022 year to a close! It has been flying for me and I hope that you are have a wonderful start to the new year! 

Today I am so excited to share my book, movie, and TV review with y'all for January! Before I start though- if you have any suggestions for me for February please let me know! I am constantly looking for new ideas so please pass on your suggestions! 

caravan sonnet
I have shared so many times about this book in the last couple of months and am planning to write an entire post on it alone, but suffice it to say... LIFE CHANGING. Go purchase the book and read it. You will not be disappointed. AT ALL. You can purchase it HERE.

Similar book recommendations that I have read by Sheridan Voysey that I would recommend to this book: 
caravan sonnet
I am still in the middle of this book... digesting it sometimes one sentence at a time or other days a paragraph or two at a time... it is a book that has so many precious nuggets in it that it is meant to be savored. You can find it to purchase HERE

The next couple of books are all by the same author...
caravan sonnet
Discovering Irene Hannon's books years ago was such a delightful treat. I enjoy her mysteries a lot and over the years there have been different ones that I have thought were really great. They are clean (not graphic) and have great character development along with an interesting story and plot line. This one, Point of Danger was honestly I think her best one yet. It was interesting and had a twist that I didn't see coming. I would definitely recommend it. You can purchase it HERE.

Because I loved that book so much I was excited to read the second one in the series...
caravan sonnet
....and unfortunately it wasn't my favorite. *sigh* I hate ever giving a bad review to an author-especially one that I really enjoy so much but I felt like this was just a slow moving and predictable mystery. I personally felt that it was extremely obvious who the "bad people" were and was not drawn into the love story that seemed like it was being pushed so hard to really like believe that the two main characters should be together. I honestly wanted to recommend that they receive some good counseling before entering into a relationship. So unfortunately I do not recommend this one. *sigh* Honestly I felt that this was just "good" but not a great book which I read in several reviews and I would agree. If you purchase it I would be so curious to hear what you think! (You can find it HERE!) BUT I love Irene Hannon's writing and so this is just maybe me being wrong? Any thoughts?

Other book recommendations by Irene Hannon that I have read and loved that I would recommend:
caravan sonnet
For my "main" devotional this year I decided to go "old school" and go through a devotional I have never gone completely through: Springs in the Valley. If you have been around this blog for a while then you know one of my favorite devotionals is Streams in the Desert and this is written by the same author. I am loving it and it has been so deep and yet simple. You can purchase it HERE.
caravan sonnet
Other book recommendations by L.B.E. Cowan that I have read and loved that I would recommend:

Movies & TV
caravan sonnet
So this really is more from the fall then January, but it was so good that I had to mention it. This was a great discovery last year that we made- y'all... I feel like all of America should sit down and watch this show. It is inspiring and amazing. You need to watch it- you will not be disappointed! There have been three seasons and honestly I feel like each season gets better. We loved season 2 and then season 3 came out and now I think that one was the best. They are all just so good! You can find it on Amazon Prime HERE.
caravan sonnet
I know. I know. Some of you are laughing because we all know how much I love this show but I have to say the last few seasons I haven't enjoyed so much. So I was skeptical going into this season and honestly I am loving it! It is not just the fact that I miss traveling and it is so wonderful to see different parts of the world... this season feels more reminiscent of the older seasons where there "real" people who were given the opportunity to race around the world. It is great! You can find it on Amazon Prime HERE.
caravan sonnet
I know. I know. Yes. This came out in 2009. Yes there are some of you are laughing because you are assuming that I just like the show because of the sexy lead man. BUT y'all seriously. This is SO good. Last year Jacob kept telling me that I needed to watch this. I politely was like, "okay" and ignored it (sorry Jacob *hahaha*). About two weeks ago we were looking for something new to watch and this popped up. I thought- wait didn't I hear about this, asked Jacob and then started watching and it is SO.GOOD. Why did I wait so long? I have no idea. Haha. Now I message a lot of "WAIT. Is this person bad?" haha.  So if you haven't watched it (we are still in the middle of season 1) yes it has a very cute man in it but it is also very very good! *smiles* You can find it on Amazon Prime HERE. Let me know what you think!

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Thank you so much for reading today! What about you- what have you been watching and reading that you would recommend for me for February? 

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