September Book, Movie, and TV Review

September 29, 2019

Happy Sunday friends! It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of September! In some ways the days seem to move so slowly, and then other times it feels like they fly by. Today I am so excited to share my book, movie, and TV review with y'all for September! Before I start though- if you have any suggestions for me for October please let me know! I am constantly looking for new ideas so please pass on your suggestions! 

I have shared so many times here on the blog about my love of Robin Jones Gunn's writings and so when her newest book was released in May I was so excited to read it. I hesitated simply because I typically dislike "first person" writing but decided to give it a try because of how much I love her books. I am so glad I did because in my opinion this book was one of the best ones that Robin has ever written. I took away so many precious nuggets from the story, cried and laughed through it and was completely encouraged. My tender heart walked away full and I can't wait for more of the books in this series. You can find it to purchase HERE

Similar book recommendations that I have read and would recommend to this book: 

Also by Robin Jones Gunn, this series (not written in first person *smiles*) is incredibly sweet and encouraging. You can read the books in any order but they do loosely follow and build on each other if you want to read them in order.
At the beginning of the summer my older camera that I loved completely died. I had been nursing it to make it last for a few months and had looked at getting it repaired but in the long run the repair would cost more than purchasing a newer model. After a lot of reading and researching I decided to invest in the Canon Rebel T7. I found a great deal for the price for the entire kit on Amazon (HERE) and knew that I wanted to use the camera to the fullest so I decided to purchase this book too. I found the book helpful and if you want to spend the time to really understand everything your camera can do than I definitely recommend it! If you want to check it out you can find the book HERE.
Business Boutique, (something I have mentioned before on the blog) is one that I saw on a friend's instagram feed that I decided to check out. There is SO much helpful and practical advice that I have finished reading it but am constantly working my way back through it to put into practice all of the information that she is sharing. If you are looking at becoming any type of entrepreneur than this book is chocked full of helpful tips and wisdom that you will want to explore. You can find it HERE!
Grief is a funny beast that rears its ugly head in so many ways and I have sometimes found it comforting to read books on grief by people that have gone through it and then other times I have not wanted to spend time reading books on grief. I think for each person it is different and unique and it really depends on different things going on. Across the course of research I kept hearing about this book, A Grace Disguised by Jerry Sittser who had suffered the tragic loss of his wife, a daughter, and his mom in one horrific car accident a couple of decades ago. I purchased the book and found quite honestly that some things were helpful, but that other things would be more beneficial as time continues. Jerry wrote the book several years after the accident and it is easy to see that there has been a "space" between the immediate grief to the long-term grief. If you are walking through grief you may want to check this book out. You can find it HERE.
There were so many different books to read for my graduate course, but I am mentioning this one, Backing Hitler because it was probably the most thought-provoking book that I have read. It was challenging in a deep soul way as the author makes the point that many German people (and people across Europe) excused and participated in the crimes against people and humanity because they viewed Hitler as their perfect leader. The author makes his point that while some did not know the end result (the Holocaust) the beginning actions that were excused led to the final outcome. The book makes you think deeply about what we allow in our lives, in our communities, and in our country and what we excuse and shouldn't. It truly was one of the most challenging books. You can find it HERE.

Movies & TV
Life has been so busy that I haven't really been watching to much movies or TV so I am going to save those reviews for next month y'all! 

If you are curious about other book reading lists I have done in the past you can find those posts below: 

Happy Sunday friends! Thank you so much for reading today! What about you- what have you been watching and reading that you would recommend? 

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