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Margaritas Mexican Restaurant // Concord, New Hampshire

Caravan Sonnet
Happy Wednesday friends! I hope your week is starting off well! Today I am excited to share more about our New England Winter Road Trip that we took in February! If you missed my post on Monday (click HERE) check it out so you can see the exact route that we took. Here is a general overview...
Caravan Sonnet
Our first stop that we made was in Concord, New Hampshire. Both of us had never been to Concord and we were excited to check it out! We arrived in Concord at lunchtime and we were so hungry! We planned to spend sometime exploring the downtown and historic area of Concord so we wanted to find a restaurant in that area.

We also both love Mexican food so it was an easy choice to try the New England Mexican Chain, Margaritas located in Concord. Margaritas has franchise sites in many states, but originated in New England. 
Caravan Sonnet
It was incredibly chilly out that day so we were excited to be inside to snap a picture and also to start off our road trip! We loved this huge mirror that greets you on the way in! 
Caravan Sonnet
Caravan Sonnet
We were taken downstairs to a booth and as we got settled in we realized the unique atmosphere of the building. We were sitting looking around and there were old jail cells that had been converted into additional seating space! 

It turns out that this Margaritas is located in what used to be the Concord Police Headquarters and ail from 1890 to 1975! It was completely random, but such a fun twist on a restaurant location y'all!
Caravan Sonnet
We decided to order the fresh made guacamole which was really yummy y'all! I would definitely recommend it and then we also ordered vegetarian fajitas to split. 
Caravan Sonnet
The portions were huge so we were glad that we split this lunch! Even splitting it we couldn't finish everything!

Aside from the portion size (which seemed just way to much!) the rest of our experience was okay. I would rate it about a 3 out of 5. Not horrible, but just okay. Our service was very slow, the server forgot our water drinks and also forgot some of our order, and when a large group came in the restaurant seemed very overwhelmed and the service and kitchen seemed even slower. We did have to remind the server that we needed corn tortillas (after a conversation with me being gluten free) when they brought us flour tortillas, but they did apologize for this mistake. Thankfully I had no Celiac reaction to anything. Nothing was a huge deal about experience, but it just wasn't something that was that great.

Overall the food was okay, although I can't say that it was our favorite Mexican Restaurant (or restaurant in general) that we have eaten at. The food was nice, but I wouldn't say that this is a "must visit restaurant" to stop at in Concord. If you are looking for something that is near downtown and the historic district and want Mexican food it will be nice, but not outstanding. It was a disappointing start to our road trip, but both of us enjoyed the beginning because it was a new experience. One thing that I have said a lot on the blog and stand by is that it is not as much what you are doing, as much as who you are spending time with and we always have a blast!

I truly hope that this review has been helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions!!