last day of teaching for this year

November 21, 2021

caravan sonnet

 Our story demanded that we change and so we did // donald Miller

There are some posts that you don't envision writing in this space, and yet life in its beautiful mysteries sometimes brings changes you don't expect.

Yesterday was my last day teaching. Two weeks ago some unforeseen circumstances arose and I submitted my resignation to my school and yesterday was my last day. This is due to some extremely personal reasons, but due to the overwhelming support I have received over the years in this space, I want to clarify that it has nothing to do with my past health history. I am (thankfully!!) still Lyme and Cancer Free!

But this past week and these past 48 hours have been an overwhelmingly humbling time as students poured out incredible love, kindness, support, prayers, encouragement, and gifts that has still left me beyond speechless. There are cards and words I will treasure and things that this time has taught me that I won't forget. To my students- thank you. Words fail me thank you thank you thank you.

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